0xc000014c or 0xc0000178 BSOD errors when booting to Windows\WinPE – but only on some systems.

If you find that some systems give BSOD errors but other systems boot correctly when using the same USB drive, this is often an indication of a USB I/O communication problem (hardware issue) with the USB port.

Example: Lenovo IdeaPad 300 notebooks

Frequently, this can be due to signal integrity issues and occurs with high-speed USB 3 drives when connected to a USB 3 port.


1. Connect the USB 3 drive to a USB 2 port on the computer.

2. If no USB 2 port is available on the computer, then connect the USB 3 drive to the system using a USB 2 extension cable. This forces USB 2 data rates to be used.

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