MPI Version History

The MakePartImage (MPI) Tool Pack runs on Windows systems only.It is used to create Partition Images from bootable ISO files, ZIP files, folders or drive partitions.

Once you have made the image file, just copy it to your E2B USB drive. 

  • :: 0.002 2014-04-13 First version
  • :: 0.004 – bugfix for some isolinux ISOs like dsl which have no vesamenu.c32 file.
  • :: 0.005 – change menu.lst options, asks for volume label
  • :: 0.006 – add autorun.inf to show ISO name
  • :: 0.007 – payload file name inserted into CSM menu
  • :: 0.008/9 – using winrar
  • :: 0.010 – using 7zip first and then winrar if not successful (user must add winrar)
  • :: 0.011 – uses installed winRar or PowerISO, copies CUSTOM folder
  • :: 0.012 – more linux fixups added. QUIET option added for fixups.  BUG!
  • :: 0.013 – bugfix! Fixups not done in QUIET mode in 0.012!
  • :: 0.014 – fix issue if iso had a space in filename
  • :: 0.015 – support YUMI images, get vol name changed, path parsing improved
  • :: 0.016 – sizing of folder fixed, menu.lst custom tweaked.
  • :: 0.017 – use fsutil for volume label and fix echo bug in 0.016
  • :: 0.018 – improve menu.lst, tidy up code, bugfix for dsl and others which use \boot\isolinux folder
  • :: 0.019 – Add size of custom folder to image size calculation, bugfix if xcopy fails when copying CUSTOM files, syslinux 6 added, now updates chain.c32 if present
  • :: 0.020 – install of syslinux fixed for syslinux v5 and 6 – needs linux / in path! extra .c32 files added
  • :: 0.021 – menu.lst now shows EFI boot files under menu
  • :: 0.022 – new aurora background, E2B can be on hd0,1 or hd0,0
  • :: 0.023 – reduce amount of wasted free space, free space shown, check for zip/7z file and adjust size, AUTORUN switch added
  • :: 0.025 – getsparevol bugfix – if U: was in use (e.g. empty CDROM) it caused a problem! clear screen, improve filespec input (can use J: or j:\ or filespec with or without quotes)
  • :: 0.026 – PAYLOAD variable modified so PAYLOAD= does not appear in menu if left unmodified, increase image size for larger payloads – e.g. 2GB Windows install ISOs.
  • :: 0.027 – Imdisk images set to 255×63 geometry
  • :: 0.028 – bugfix for small source files (default .imgPTN name was not suggested)
  • :: 0.029 – changed syslinux for \system and \system\isolinux, set cmd console window size, 0.029a folder path need not end in \ now
  • :: 0.030 – Clover UEFI boot support added to menu.lst
  • :: 0.031 – Clover Lite added, auto-shortcut cmd file added to generate Desktop shortcuts (use set NOCLOVER=1 to not add clover to images)
  • :: 0.032 – 64-bit Clover files added – it is no longer necessary to add the separate Clover Pack 
  • :: 0.033 – Clover \EFI\CLOVER\config.plist file changed to support Asus Haswell-based systems, for older Asus systems, rename config.plist.Asus to config.plist

:: 0.034 – Support for converting HP utility ISOs (using syslinux 4)
:: 0.035 – bugfix for syslinux entry in CSM menu always appearing on very first boot, add menu entry for special case of NTFS+FAT32 so can boot NTFS Windows Setup via Clover.
:: 0.035a – Restore E2B (run as admin).cmd changed so can right-click and run as admin from Explorer (instead of using a command console window). Latest version of ImDiskInst installer.
:: 0.036 – Modified to cope with weird characters in path and file names
:: 0.036a MakeDesktopShortcut.cmd file changed to fix possible bug if running as Admin.
:: 0.037 – fix for weird & > () characters in pathnames by using ! instead of % in cmd file – RMPartUSB.exe included in e2b folder for restoring E2B partition using ‘RestoreE2B.cmd’ file. Fix for path problems when source is a folder (thanks Stephan!). 37a – small change to RestoreE2B\CSM to use CACLS instead of NET so works under WinPE. 37b – clover plist.config changed to reduce number of icons in GUI. 37c – increase size of 3gb and 4gb images. 37d – minor bugfix to RestoreE2B and RestoreCSM.
:: 0.038 – no change to MakePartImage.cmd – RestoreCSM tweaked so will restore LBA31 instead of needing to have run RestoreMBR first.
:: 0.039 – LREPLACE.cmd modified to remove  findiso (used in grub .conf files)
:: 0.040 – increase default NTFS image size slightly, fix bug in WMIC /Format:csv to display remiaing free space (only works for en-US systems!)
:: 0.041 – small changes thanks to feedback, suggestions from Vlad. Typo fix for CUST_SIZE-CLOVER_SIZE, double-check for spare drive letter using Net Use, use df.exe for free space report instead if wmic
:: 0.042 – fix if using CD volume letter as source (thanks Stephan!)
:: 0.043 – add extra Acronis True Image 2014 menu for Premium version
:: 0.044 – add support for FreeBSD memstick images on (hd0,2) partition. v. 0.044a prompts for size if using MPI_FAT32 or MPI_NTFS shortcuts
:: 0.045 – CSM menu.lst now swaps hd0 and hd1 if Windows Setup files detected. Can now install to virtual HDD using VM. 0.045a has Boot to Internal HDD option added back.
:: 0.046 – 2015-03-24 LREPLACE.cmd changed to replace by-label parameter in .cfg files with volume label (e.g. eset rescue iso). Small change to CSM menu.lst spacingZZZ
:: 0.047 – 2015-04-13 – menu.lst changes – freeldr.sys boot fix, add Easy Recovery EasyRE support to boot via kernel /bootmgr
:: 0.048 – 2015-04-16 – menu.lst changes, headings centred, hotkey support + first-letter hotkey, new grub4dos 0.4.6a
:: 0.050 – 2015-06-17 – menu.lst  NTFS+FAT32 clover menu tweaked.
:: 0.051 – 2015-07-19 Clover 32-bit support added
:: 0.052 – 2015-08-20 Support for grub2 on hd0,2  3rd partition
:: 0.053 – 2015-08-20 Added backup \e2b\MBR.BIN in case MBR backups sectors at LBA30 and LBA60 are destroyed (e.g. by installing grub2).
:: 0.054 – 2015-08-21 fix LREPLACE.cmd so does not modify binary files (fixes problem with bitdefender and other grub2 based payloads)
:: 0.055 – 2015-10-23 Add SWITCH_E2B.exe. New Imdiskinst.exe version
:: 0.056 – 2015-11-18 Win10 Threshold 2 (Win10 update) compatible ImDisk – please re-install ImdiskInst.exe to make Imdisk work on Win10Threshold 2 systems.
:: 0.057 – 2015-12-06 Updated with Switch_E2B v1.0.4, extra syslinux boot option added.
:: 0.058 – 2015-12-13 Updated with Switch_E2B.exe  v1.0.5 (later updated to v1.0.6)
:: 0.059 – 2016-01-17 New SWITCH_E2B v1.0.7. BUG: If you have problems booting to CSM menu after using Switch_E2B, change to 0.0.60 for new Switch_e2B.exe
:: 0.060 – 2016-01-19 – New SWITCH_E2B v.1.8 – if .imgPTN or .imgPTNAUTO and no 2nd image (with no extension) then  2nd partition type 21h is kept if present. 
:: 0.061 – 2016-02-04 – bugfix – LREPLACE.cmd gave errors and did not run on all files – now fixed. Changed menu #1 slightly so tries grub boot before syslinux boot.
:: 0.062 – 2016-02-11 – New Switch_E2B.exe v1.0.10. New version of 7z.
:: 0.063 – 2016-02-19 – Return to older version of 7Zip (new version reports ‘extra data’ error on many ISOs). CSM Menu changed so that invisible grub entry is no longer in menu.
:: 0.064 – 2016-03-11 – fix syslinux boot bug in csm\menu.lst
:: 0.065 – 2016-02-26 – add usb driver menu entry for plop or to spped up USB 2 access, grldr 20160326, searches all drives from C: to Z: for ImDisk virtual drive.
:: 0.066 – 2016-06-20 – new SWITCH_E2B.exe v1.0.11 added, small change to /menu.lst.
:: 0.067 – 2016-08-07 – new grldr, now supports MyCSM.cfg configuration file (can use E2B_Editor to change menu) + supports GFXBoot menu. Add SDI_CHOCO Stage1.cmd+Stage2.cmd+XML files to e2b folder.
:: 0.068 – 2016-08-19 – Add code to CSM \menu.lst to copy AutoUnattend.xml from .imgPTN partition to WinHelper flash drive (if present).
:: 0.069 – 2016-10-24 – menu.lst checks for boot drive is hd0, makepartimage.cmd warns if FAT32 of 4GB limit.
:: 0.070 – 2016-11-10 – Add \e2b\RestoreE2B_32_64.cmd and mbrfix 32 and 64-bit executables for can switch from CSM to E2B mode under WinPE for WinNTSetup. Note: CSm Menu version says ‘0.69’ not ‘0.70’
:: 0.071 – 2016-11-25 – LREPLACE bug fix
:: 0.072 – 2017-02-28 – New Switch_E2B.exe v1.0.13, small changes to \menu.lst, grldr updated, small change to MakePartImage for Win8/10 EI.cfg (text message only)
:: 0.073 – 2017-03-27 – Fix for Windows 10 1607 vbscript bug which causes Desktop Shortcuts to be corrupted!
:: 0.074 – 2017-05-15 – Better detection of isolinux version in iso
:: 0.075 – 2017-05-21 – bug fix for heading in 0.074 not showing
:: 0.076 – 2017- 06-16 – SWITCH_E2B v1.016, fix syslinux 3 bug in 0.075, now always asks user for syslinux version, uses \syslinux.bin instead of code in PBR now.
::0.077 – 2017-06-25 – latest  RMPartUSB, MakePartImage will not attempt to copy special files\folders from a source drive\folder such as $recycle.bin, System Volume Information folder, pagefile.sys, etc.
::0.078 – 2017-10-30 – change checkperms subroutine, change getsparev subroutine, tweak menu.lst for FreeBSD ISOs
::0.079 – 2018-0207   – fix createdesktopshortcuts so works with non-standard Desktop paths, small change to menu.lst for clover boot patch (should have no discernible affect), fix menu.lst for 3rd ptn not listed for FreeBSD images when Switch_E2B.exe is used.
::0.080 – 2018-01-09 – latest switch_e2b.exe, bugfix for syslinux.exe when files in root.
::0.081 – 2018-03-01 – bugfix for incompatibility with latest grubinst version – fixes the ‘ERROR: Please install grub4dos to the MBR of this drive using RMPrepUSB’ message. Please re-make your .imgPTN files if they have this issue. See blog.
::0.082 – 2018-05-19 – grldr updated, small change to csm\menu.lst for KonBoot menu, menu.lst now warns if no UEFI boot files are found, Chandra’s Split_WinISO.exe utility is now included in the download folder, add ‘set default menu and timeout’ menu entry to CSM menu, change to add clover menu for (hd0,2) EFI boot files, update to latest Clover 64-bit+plist.conf, improve FreeBSD menu (now works with Nas4Free), add ‘boot as floppy drive A: to DOS’ menu entry to \menu.lst.
::0.083 – 2018-07-10  – If user just presses ENTER when prompted for a file path for target .imgptn file, it now displays an error message instead of just aborting. Improve error handling and added a warning message if using Microsoft Storage Pool or virtual drive for .imgPTN file. Improve Convert_all_ISOs_to_imgPTN_Files (run as Admin).cmd script. If user presses ENTER at Syslinux version question, the default is now used. Now can set AUTOSYSL=Y so does not prompt for syslinux version. Uses 7zip to obtain the decompressed total size for more accurate suggested size.
::0.084 – 2018-08-01 – detect grub in PBR of (hd0,2) partition and add ‘Boot to Partition 2’ menu entry, adds 5MB if folder was source.
::0.085 – 2018-10-11 – add support for German menu, new grldr version, more language files can be easily added. Latest Switch_E2B.exe added, menu.lst file changed to use key strings for multi-language support.
::0.086 – 2018-10-14 – bugfix to RestoreE2B_32_64.cmd (helper) search, change blank colour in menu.lst to 0000 from 0122.
::0.087 – 2018-10-15 – EFI.IMG file is now automatically extracted and then deleted.
::0.088 – 2018-12-05 – Add syslinux v6.03, defaults to syslinux v4 instead of v3, now uses 7z.exe instead of the 7zg GUI for unpacking (doesn’t stop if ‘extra data found’ warning), menu.lst updated and some small bugs fixed, user can now add their own menu.lst file if using a GFX menu file.
::0.089 – 2018-12-15 – small change to support hotekeys in text mode menu system (GFX=NONE). The default CSM menu heading is now obtained from \heading.g4b file so that \menu.lst can be easily copied as a CUSTOM file without needing to change the PAYLOAD= line inside the menu.lst file.
::0.090 – linux script added to allow user to restore E2B partitiions under Linux, CSM menu now does not display key help if no \n in title, list install.* files in ISO if FAT32 copy fails so can see size of install.wim/install.esd.
::0.091 – Support for UEFI-booting of Dell Deployment Tool Kit (dtk) Platform-specific bootable ISOs which contan two BOOTX64.EFI boot files and expect a \isolinux\BUILD file to be present.
::0.092 – bug fix (wrong suggested size if no folders in image), add secondary menu.lst detection in CSM \menu.lst menu
::0.093 – bug fixes for syslinux 603 detection and some kernel parameters were not fixed-up, add rEFInd files and CUSTOM_PE folder for UEFI WinPE boot option. add bootx64.efi if missing from Win install and if user is running 64-bit Windows.
::0.094 – erroneous bug fix U:\SLAX error message, add ext2 and ext4 rEFInd driver files, bugfix – drag-and-drop folder now works.
::0.095 – add Hungarian language support (thanks to Knyght), improve menu for DLC2019, add syslinux 6.04pre1 (beta), new grub4dos version.
::0.096 – add Czech language for CSM menu, add E2B_Editor to MPI folder, KBD variable is now recognised to set KBD type, latest grub4dos, add all KBD translation files.
::0.097 – Slovenian language for CSM menu (thanks Peter K), add persistence support for krd2018 in CSM menu entry #1, detect grub.cfg.sig file and set default to ‘do not change .cfg files’ for AUTO-CORRECT question, latest version of RMPartUSB.exe
::0.097a – same as 0.097 but SWITCH_E2B.exe update
::0.098 – SWITCH_E2B updated, grldr grub4dos updated
::0.098A – bugfix for Clover32 booting to UEFI64 from CSM menu
::0.099 – small tweak for Batocera ISO

:: 0.100 – new Switch_e2b.exe
:: 0.101 – new Switch_e2b.exe 1.1.35 with recursive bug fix
:: 0.102 – Switch_E2b.exe 1.1.36 drive enumeration bugfix
:: 0.103 – default to .imgptn23 instead of .imgptn
:: 0.104 – latest SWITCH_E2B, OpenSuse UEFI fix
:: 0.105 – Add DLC1 2022 mod (must use .imgPTN not .imgPTN23)
:: 0.106 – support Ubuntu based legacy booting from CSM menu (hybrid isos) newest Switch_e2b.exe

New! Ventoy for Easy2Boot v1.0.97 now released!


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