How to change the Windows Install menu

Standard Windows Install menu

Windows Install Menu 

The Windows Install menu is tightly integrated into E2B.

It is mainly created from the \_ISO\e2b\grub\MenuWinInstall.lst file. 

You can control the menu using various settings in the \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file: 

MyE2B.cfg file settings that affect the Windows Install Menu:

set NOWINMAIN=1       – No Windows Install menu entry in the Main Menu
set NOWMENU=1          – Always load the Main menu instead of the Windows Install menu
set NOWINXP=1           – No ‘Boot to first HDD’, ‘List Disk Ctrl PCI IDs’ and CPU 64\32-bit entries (v1.79+)
set NOF7HDD=1           – No ‘Boot to first HDD’ menu entry – all menus
set NOF8B=1                 – No ‘Back to Main Menu’ entry  – all menus
set NOF9R=1                 – No ‘Reboot’ entry – all menus
set NOF10H=1              – No ‘Power off’ entry – all menus

NOWINXP removes the three menu entries outlined in red above.
  • If any of the \_ISO\WINDOWS\xxxx folders contains no .iso files or .imgPTN files, then no menu entries will be listed
  • If \_ISO\WinMenu.g4b exists then code in here will be called first when MenuWinInstall.lst runs
  • If \_ISO\WinMenu.bmp exists and \_ISO\WinMenu.g4b does not exist, then the bitmap will be loaded as the background for the Windows Install menu
  • The ‘Install XP using WinPE’ menu entry can be suppressed by deleting /_ISO/Windows/XP/WINPE_INST.TAG file (note: an E2B update will restore this file!)
  • The menu entries and menu heading strings can be found in the language STRINGS.txt file. If you want to change them, create a new ‘language’ folder.

For any other changes, I suggest that you do NOT edit the \_ISO\e2b\grub\MenuWinInstall.lst file (if you update your E2B version, this file will be ovewritten). You should create your own Sub-Menu folder and Sub-Menu entry in the Main menu, and add .mnu files to make your own menu. Use NOWINMAIN and NOWMENU to suppress the E2B Windows menus. Follow this page as a guide, but place the .mnu files in your new menu folder (e.g. \_ISO\MYWININST).

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