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It takes a great deal of time and a lot of effort to test and improve E2B, so a donation would be very much appreciated to help towards the cost of this site and also to buy the equipment required to test and further develop E2B. For instance, if an issue is reported when using a certain system or USB drive, I will sometimes buy the same system/notebook/drive from eBay, etc. so I can test, reproduce and fix the issue. 

If you were thinking of buying an ISOStick or a Zalman or IODD drive caddy or maybe ten USB flash drives instead of just one, Easy2Boot has probably saved you a lot of time and money! 

If you regularly use E2B in your business or your work place, then please make a donation. If you buy an eBook you can pay any amount you like above the minimum price and you can also get an invoice for the eBook which you can then pass on to your accounts department.

Donations with an invoice

I cannot provide an invoice for donations, however if you require an invoice for your accounts department, you can do this by buying one or more  eBooks and pay as much as you like. You will then be emailed a link to download an invoice for the purchase. If you do not need an invoice, I prefer donations because they are non-taxable (for both you and me!).

XMLtoE2B.exe utility – quickly makes fully-automated unattended.xml files for use with Windows Installer ISOs on E2B. Free licence on request when you donate £10 or more or if you buy three or more eBooks. 

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Private donations

For small donations under $30 I suggest that you simply buy one or more of my eBooks.
Note that eBook #1 contains instructions on how to remove the 5-second blue start up banner screen.

To make an anonymous BitCoin donation please use the bitcoin address 1Npg7hmYrqaNVYxoLDPEa7WDJ3YgAiM6yq
or for Ethereum use 0xE91BA23348e9Fe9A1F34e7E6bA0D0f2436Aaf323.

Anyone who donates £5 (approx. $7) or more will receive instructions on how to remove the ASCII-text startup banner (Contact Me after donating).

Donate to A1ive for grub2 File Manager (agFM)

Please make a donation to a1ive (click Sponsor) if you like agFM.

Donate to LongPanda for Ventoy

Ventoy is a free open-source project by LongPanda. You can make a donation here.

New! Ventoy for Easy2Boot v1.0.97 now released!


eBooks available (in PDF format)

Easy-to-read eBooks are available in PDF format (each eBook is over 100 pages) – rated 4.5/5 stars.
Learn the secrets of Legacy and UEFI USB booting and then make your perfect multiboot USB drive.
E2B eBook #1 includes instructions on how to remove the E2B 5-second start-up delay blue screen.

E2B is unique in that it uses partition images which allows you to directly boot from Secure Boot images (no need to disable Secure Boot or run MOK manager or modify your UEFI BIOS).

Most eBooks are over 100 pages long, contain original content and step-by-step exercises which are suitable for both the beginner or the more experienced user.
Customer reviews are located at bottom of each eBook product page and multi-buy discounts are available when you buy more than one eBook. Please also visit and the E2B Forum.
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