Ventoy for Easy2Boot

You can Legacy boot to Ventoy from the E2B Menu system, or UEFI-boot to Ventoy from the agFM menu system (F5).

Note that if you UEFI64-Secure Boot to agFM, you can still run Ventoy and can even boot to non-secure payloads.

Add\Update ‘Ventoy for Easy2Boot’

See here for details.


‘Ventoy for Easy2Boot’ is a very slightly modified version of the official Ventoy version.

Simply follow the official Ventoy documentation if you want to know more about Ventoy and how to configure\modify it.

Note: Ventoy configuration files, etc, are usually placed on the first (NTFS) E2B partition in a \ventoy folder.

Only standard file extensions are recognised by Ventoy (e.g. .iso) – non-standard extensions such as .isodef or .imgPTN are not recognised by Ventoy and will not be listed.

Reporting problems

If you find any issues, please first reproduce them on an official Ventoy USB drive before reporting the issue to the Ventoy developers. Do NOT report issues found with the modified ‘Ventoy for Easy2Boot’ version.

Note: if you like Ventoy, please make a donation to support the author’s work.