Boot Parrot OS with persistence

Use a similar setup to Kali+persistence

You can copy the Sample Mnu file for the E2B menu system and the sample .cfg file for agFM.

A ready-made persistence file can be obtained from the file download from Ventoy. It must be a ‘persistence’ type and should already contain a persistence.conf file inside it.

For agFM

  1. Copy the ISO file to \_ISO\LINUX folder – do not put spaces into the ISO filename.
  2. Download the persistence zip file and extract one of the ext4 persistence files to the root of the E2B USB drive – then rename it as parrot-rw
  3. Copy the sample .cfg file from “\e2b\Sample agFM menu files\LINUX\Parrot_4.11.2_persistent.cfg”” to the \_ISO\LINUX folder
  4. Rename and edit the .cfg file
  5. Run \Make_This_Drive_Contiguous.cmd to make both the .ISO fle and \parrot-rw files contiguous.
  6. Boot on a real system (not a VM) use agFM Legacy or UEFI

You can add the Sample .mnu file if you want to boot with persistence from the E2B Legacy menu system.
Use the “\_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files\Linux\Parrot_4.11.2_Persistent.mnu” as a template and edit it as required.

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