E2B Version History

To update E2B and agFM, download the latest E2B version and run Make_E2B.exe then click on the Update E2B Drive button. 

To keep up to date with the latest changes, bug fixes and features, please subscribe to my blog.Also see this page: How to update your E2B USB drive.
Tip: You can run “\_ISO\docs\Make_E2B_USB_Drive\CheckForUpdate.cmd” to find out if there is a new update available.

E2B VERSION NUMBERING:  x.yz[l]x=0-Z   y=0-Z   z=0-Z   l = A-Z or a-z  (lower case letter indicates a Beta version, uppercase indicates a revised release version). 

Versions are numbered x.yz, where x is the major version and yz the minor version (may be followed by a suffix letter). 

Suffix letter

An upper case letter suffix (A-Z) indicates a re-released version with a small bugfix.A version suffix with a lower case letter suffix (a-z) indicates an interim BETA version. A BETA version will have bugfixes + new features.

Beta versions

The latest Beta versions will have the latest bug fixes and features. They can be found in the Alternate Download Areas in the  ‘Latest Betas’ folder. The documentation on this site will always include the all latest features, some of these features may only be available in the latest Beta version. 

Update or Downdate

You can use ‘Update E2B Drive’ to update your E2B drive (or revert it back to an earlier version of E2B) without affecting your configuration. 


v1.77   = First release version of 1.77v1.77A = Revised release version of 1.77 (minor bugfix that will not affect most users) (displays version as 1.77 in E2B)v1.78= Third BETA version – for testing latest features and bugfixes. When released it will be called v1.78.v1.78  = Release 1.78…v1.99  = Release v1.99v1.A0a = First BETA issued after v1.99 was released.v1.A0   = Full Release. Next released version after v1.99.v1.A0A = Full Release – Update of v1.A0 with small bugfix that won’t affect 99% of users.
v1.A7a = First BETA version of 1.A7
v1.A8   = Full Release of 1.A8
v1.B0   = Full Release of 1.B0 Check the \_ISO\Sample_MyE2B.cfg file for any new configuration options and features.  


If version is in red then do not use it – it was a buggy version!

v1.00 2013-06-18 First Releasev1.01 2013-07-05 Few bug fixesv1.02 E2B
v1.01 + DPMS2 Update Pack v 1.02 (2013-07-06)v1.03 2013-07-11 Requires new grldr, improved alphanumeric sort (not case sensitive), bug fixes, DPMS2 + auto-selection for XP ISO install, empty folders not listed in menu
v1.04 2013-07-15 DPMS2 small bugfixes/improvements. Small changes in XP Install Step 2
v1.05 2013-08-03 Ability to suppress the file enumeration messages when creating menus on startup. Jolene sample menu added!
v1.06 2013-08-05 .mnu and payload files are now enumerated together instead of separately in two stages, so the menu order is determined by the alphanumeric filenames of the .mnu and payload files.
v1.07 2013-08-24 Recognises .isoPE file extension and mounts the .isoPE file as a drive letter (virtual CD/DVD) when wpeinit runs. BugFix in automn.g4b (some sample .mnu files did not work since v1.00!). New grldr. Full alphabetical sorting (same order as in Windows Explorer). ISOASK variable supported. POSTCMD variable for WinPE ISOs.
v1.08 2013-09-04 bitdefender mnu file added to docs folder, Windows 8.1 temporary Product Keys added, master pwd opttion in MyE2B.cfg
v1.09 2013-09-14 Some sample .mnu files revised and added, .vhdmem, imz, imggz extensions supported, set DEFMENU=0 supported for no ‘set default’ menu item, .txt files now checked for ‘title’ keyword and user warned if missing.
v1.10 2013-09-15 Bugfix for DEFMENU=0 (thanks Sergei for spotting this!), added NOUNIFONT=1 (does not load unifont font file for faster booting)
v1.10a 2013-09-25 Sample .mnu files revised (note: The E2B+MassStorageDrivers download is still v 1.10 – if you want the latest .mnu files, download v1.10a and overwrite it).
v1.11 2013-09-28 Bugfix – the Unattend.xml and AutoUnattend.xml files are now wiped on startup. NOF9R and NOF10H variables available to suppress F9 and F10 in menu.
v1.12 2013-10-17 grub4dos 0.46a used if it boots as (fd0), 100K spaces.txt removed, global hotkeys, warning if file not contiguous, fix for .iso not booting in HP’s, extra variables – see Sample_MyE2B.cfg for details.
v1.13 2013-10-18 bugfixes for v1.12!
v1.14 2013-10-21 More variables for advanced menu changes, beep when main menu is loaded – see Sample_MyE2B.cfg for details. If only one XP ISO present then it is autoloaded. Same if only one xml file for Vista.Win7 installs.
v1.15e 2013-10-26 Mainly bugfixes to v1.14 and  earlier versions of v1.15! 
v1.16 2013-10-29 Same as v1.15e. Extra menu theme for beep demo added. DPMS integrated download with v1.16 available.
v1.1.7 2013-11-15 .isoDOS extension supported for DOS-based ISOs. Checkaccess can be suppressed using a MyE2B.cfg setting. Some changes to finding of \autounatend.xml and \unattend.xml files.
v1.18 2013-11-30 .isoDOS01 extension, extra font support and 34 different fonts added (see Sample_MyE2B.cfg), grub4dos version 0.4.6a used
v1.19 2013-12-21  bugfixes: background corruption in 1024×768 fixed, re-load main menu now show all menu items, clonezilla sample mnu added, ENG language folder now used. Warning if using USB HDD and no removable flash drive when booting from Vista/7/8 Install ISO.
v1.20 2013-12-31 Works with Win8.1 retail install ISOs, option to erase partition 4 if in use, 64-bit XP install ISOs will not use DPMS2 if there is ’64’ in the ISO name. 3rd level folders removed except for MNU folder, 8.1 Enterprise Eval product key added so can install from ISO. Windows Vista+ ISOs are now only loaded using ImDisk – the firadisk drivers are no longer used and have been removed (but still used for XP). See blog for more info.
v1.21 2014-01-04 Bugfix in DMPS2 if two mass-storage drivers found. (Thanks to Levellak)
v1.22B 2014-01-05 Bugfix in QAUTO.g4b (fix ‘file not found’ error when using PTN2_Menu.mnu and F7-F10 menus not added) (thanks to DvdK for the nice clear bug report). Note: 1.22DPMS was missing driverpack.ini – please use 1.22ADPMS. v1.22B has minor bugfix for NOF7HD variable not working.
v1.23 2014-01-20 Allow for booting from a different USB drive than the E2B USB drive.
v1.24 2014-01-22 Code in LOADISO.cmd improved in case where Helper drive contains E2B files. Some Sample .mnu files corrected (did not contain \%ENG%\ path)
v1.25 2014-02-29 New $HOME$ keyword can be used in .mnu files. See blog entry here.
v1.26 2014-02-05 Small changes so we can have individual XP ISO Main menu entries, some new sample .mnu files added (e.g. XP_Inst_from_MainMenu.mnu), latest grub4dos version,  \_ISO\docs\Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd batch file added to automate making of an E2B drive (requires RMPrepUSB pre-installed).
v1.27 2014-02-06 Same as v1.26 (thought there was a bug in 1.26 but cannot reproduce it now!)
v1.28 2014-02-12 .mnu example file added for BIOS string detection + support files.
v1.29 2014-02-28 – new grub4dos (shows FAT32 filenames/folders with correct case), new .isomemF01 and .isofira01 file extensions. Windows batch files to help make .txt and .mnu files (just drag and drop the ISO onto it). Some new .mnu files added in \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files folder. See February 2014 blog entries for more details.
v1.30A 2014-03-03 (released 2104-03-21) Convert $HOME$ in .txt files, support E2B on a logical partition of boot device, grub4dos 0.4.6 with USB driver option, .isoPUP, .isoWB, better error recovery if bad ISO, allow long XP ISO filenames, improve Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd script.
v1.31 2014-03-24 allow new format of ‘Nightly builds’ of XP dpms, Winhelper detection code restored to same as v1.29 as problems with 1.30.
v1.32 2014-04-13 XP install enhancements (new chkpci utiity, win2k,2k3 driver support), .SIF support, .imgPTN recognised for UEFI image booting. List PCI IDs, Utilities menu has XP driver search menu entries.
v1.33 2014-04-15 Fixed issue with .imgPTN files showing jumbled menu text
v1.34 2014-04-22 \_ISO\WIN payload folder added for non-Windows Install ISOs and .imgPTN files ,etc. For .imgPTN files – allows E2B to be on either 1st or 2nd partition. 1.34a has a change to QRUN.g4b to allow E2B drives with 2 partitions to run a .imgPTN file.
v1.35 2014-04-25 If set master pwd now only asked for on reboot (not on menu refresh/reload), search for WINHELPER.USB Flash drive can be suppressed if using a USB Removable-type flash drive (see Sample_MyE2B.cfg file for settings)
v1.36 2014-04-27 .imgPTNA file extension supported – same as .imgPTN but marks the partition Active – useful for WinToGo images – see blog. Bugfix – files an exact multiple of 4GB were not listed due to bug in grub4dos.
v1.37 2014-05-01 .imgPTNAlba23, .imghPTNlbaA, .imgPTNlba, .imgPTNA23 support added. Make_E2B_USB_drive.cmd now installs grub4dos to MBR and PBR.
v1.38 2014-05-10 A few small changes mainly in MyE2B.cfg support for moving the top menu heading down from the first line at the top, to any line (e.g. line 3) and also an option to adjust the offset that is applied to the heading and bottom help text. Some new ‘themes’ have also been added. Zorin_persistent .mnu sample files added.
v1.39 2014-05-13 Bugfix – if FAT32 drive and make folder with .  (dot) in foldername then stopped enumeration with error.
v1.40 2014-05-18 Supports dual partition images –  e.g. use fred.imgPTN for first partition and fred (no extension) for 2nd image.
v1.41 2014-06-03 Bugfix for AUTO folder not enumerating sub-folders, memtest86 + UEFI added, more sample .mnu files added for OpenElec and Kali.
v1.42 2014-06-10 CONTIG.ISO feature added
v1.42a 2014-06-17 bugfix for v1.42 force.iso .mnu files gave ‘not contiguous’ error —– NEW ‘MULTI-LANGUAGE’ VERSION (Headings, MyE2B.cfg + other changes) 
v1.50 2014-06-26 STRINGS.TXT file now used to hold English text, menu entries, help text, etc. See blog for details. Includes 500Mb CONTIG.ISO file.
v.1.51 2014-07-03 .imgPTN is now equivalent to .imgPTNLBAa (use .imgPTNna for old .imgPTN behaviour), \_ISO\BACKUP_LINUX folder deleted, small changes to STRINGS.txt, bugfix aroung CONTIG.ISO size detection (failed size check if >2GB), small code/message changes, English strings.txt file is now always loaded after primary language.
v.1.51a 2014-07-04 bugfix for XP Step 2 
v1.52 Languages addedv1.53 More languages, bugfix to Make_E2B_USB_drive.cmd and small change to qrun.g4b to avoid possible .imgPTN grub4dos error
v1.54 bugfix for forcing file extension using qrun.g4b, memtest86 32-bit UEFI boot file added. Make_E2B_USB_Drive now checks for Admin rights and also removes EFI folder if you format as NTFS. .imgPTNAUTO file extension supported (no user prompt to switch partitions). Added a ‘Measure USB Performance’ test in Utilities menu. Bugfix for isos with long filenames ending in .isoWB. Sample WinBuilder .mnu changed for same fix. New grub4dos 0.4.5c grldr version. File enumeration speed improvements. linux script fmt.sh added to format a USB drive as  an E2B drive under linux.
v1.55 (XP bug!) Portuguese language STRINGS.txt added (thanks Carlos!). Tails.mnu sample file added. ‘CONFIG.ISO’ typo corrected in qrun.g4b. Sample Change_Wallpaper,mnu which changes background and Change_Theme.mnu added (allows you to add a menu entry to switch to any theme you like) and Blue Theme.mnu sample added. Can now switch themes using a file with a .cfg file extension (.cfg file extension support added to qrun.g4b). Sample E2B Templates folder name changed to Templates. \_ISO\docs\mythemes folder added for use with $Change_Theme.mnu file. Romanian language added (thanks Anto!). Desinfect .mnu files added for persistence and keeping updates. F1 Help menu added (English only). Latest grub4dos grldr versions. EXTOFF variable added for MyE2B.cfg file – if set to 1, files are listed in the menu without their file extensions. Qrun.g4b tweaked. fmt.sh linux script tweaked for older linux distros (thanks Todd!). Some AMI BIOSes didnt boot to the E2B menu, code added to \_ISO\e2b\grub\menu.lst work around this problem which seems to be a BIOS+grub4dos interaction issue.
v1.55a – grldr (grub4dos) had bug (cannot see hard disk in XP Setup). This version has new grldr version.v1.56 new grub4dos \grldr fixes exFAT bug with >4GB files. CPU 32/64 bit & Total memory displayed in Main Menu heading and Windows Install menu, new Sample mnu Files examples. Weird characters such as ()!”&| may now work if used in Windows ISO and .imgPTN filenames. ‘Boot any key to boot from CD or DVD’ Windows install prompt suppressed. Aurora background compressed using lzma (reduced size). .iso64 family of file extensions recognised (only listed if 64-bit CPU). Fastload menu has changed (only seen if FASTLOAD is enabled) – now press F8 to refresh the menu instead of the separate REFRESH entry. Change Automn.g4b and Automn.g4b to use 56MB area of memory instead of 74MB area so can use E2B on systems with 64MB of memory or more. Can now install Vista/7/8 direct from a .mnu file by specifying a folder (don’t have to use \_ISO\WINDOWS folder) – Note that if you have made a .mnu file for installing Vista/7/8 you will need to change it).
v1.56a – v1.56 was only released for a few hours when I discovered a bug in grub4dos \grldr file. 1.56a is re-release with new version of grub4dos with XP problem fixed. German STRINGS.txt updated. Wallpaper changed slightly. Various small tweaks. Add compatibility with FlashBoot for .imgPTN files. Polish language added. Change_Font.mnu added to docs\Sample mnu Files folder. If FASTLOAD is enabled then now no need to count Windows files on first boot.  Windows 10 folder added + menu. Fix for FASTLOAD counting Windows files.
v1.57 – Release of final 1.56a with new grub4dos  2014-10-21. (removed after 1 day due to grub4dos bugs!)
v1.58 – (v1.57aBeta) – large exFAT drive issue fixed (debug off in LstFExt.g4b needed due to grub4dos bug), .isopup fixed in QRUN.g4b. small fix to allow $$$main.mnu user file to load new splashimage for Main menu. Reduce file accesses in \_ISO\e2b\grub\menu.lst code for faster boot up. Added support for multiple wallpaper backgrounds even if FASTLOAD is used. Reduced number of redundant environment variables. New grub4dos for exFAT (no Warning messages). \EFI (memtest86) folder removed (stopped some systems booting to grub4dos!).v1.58a – fix for if HEADPOS set in MyE2B.cfg if HEADPOS set to line 1 or greater, then grub4dos header text was not cleared from submenu headings.
v1.60 – new grub4dos, old HDG_xxx variables in MyE2B.cfg for submenu headings no longer supported, problem if too many variables used in MyE2B.cfg fixed, ZZSubMenuxx.mnu files combined into one ZZSubMenuAll.mnu file to improve menu load speed on slow systems. Old colour variables in MyE2B.cfg (e.g. %cyan%) now discontinued. Yellow warning text if \_ISO\STRINGS.txt test file is present (should use the LANG variable instead!). Fewer progress messages if redir set. FASTLOAD.YES now moved to \_ISO\docs\FASTLOAD folder (copy it to the root to enable FASTLOAD feature).
v1.61 – German STRINGS.txt updated. Can now have .mnu for Windows Install ISOs in Main menu which specify .iso file AND .XML file. updated grub4dos. Menu Heading positions changed and HEADPOS now easier. Menu headings are now left-aligned instead of being centred. Help text Footer text no longer padded out by HPAD, so HBTM determines it’s absolute position in the menu. Italian added (thanks Fabrizio), isoboot.g4b added to try to boot non-contiguous linux ISOs if all else fails. FreeDOS288.IMA.gz changed to include a few useful FreeDOS utilities. .isonousb and .imgnousb file extensions now supported. More details here.
v1.62 2015-02-18 – Revised spanish.Arcabit sample mnu file. patch “oempreinstall=yes” line in winnt.sif file so that E2B can install some XP versions (e.g. Micro XP Pro 1.11b.iso). .dmg, .dmgHFS and .HFSptn file extensions supported for Hackintosh OS X Installers – e.g. Yosemite-Zone.dmg.  File extensions can now be password protected (e.g. xxx.isopwd will prompt for a password). MyE2B.cfg file can contain menupwd setting to specify a different password needed to run any payload file from the menu. Parted Magic .mnu file for persistent changes. CRC32 and ISOBOOT can be run by holding down CTRL or SHIFT keys respectively when running a payload file from the menu. True partition Hide/Unhide sample menu file added. New grub4dos version 2015-01-16 fixes exFAT probems in grub4dos 0.4.6a. Fix knoppix in isoboot.g4b. macpup sample .mnu file. .isomacpup file extension added. Make_drive_contiguous batch file now on E2B drive + WinContig. Patch for silent startup in SampleMyE2B.cfg added. Support for payload files ending in 64 or 32. docs\E2B Utilities .txt and .mnu maker updated (can test for 32 or 64-bit CPUs). grab.g4b utility added (can copy screen text to text file – used for reporting issues). Haiku anyboot image support (.haiku).
v1.63 – QRUN now suggests a ‘better’ file extension, Make_E2B and Update_E2B cmd files now ask to create a MyE2B.cfg file for language/kbd support. new grldr grub4dos 0.46a to fix NTFS bug. \_ISO\isoboot.g4b supported for user’s own version. QEMU test boot files added. FreeBSD, pfSenese and GhostBSD memstick images now supported. Make_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd now will detect all drives if no USB drive found in system. XP 32-bit Mass Storage DPMS drivers updated.
v1.64 2015-03-30 – Fix XP Install from ISO changing HDD disk signature (fixes problem of if you quit Setup, the OS on the HDD BSODs), fix TXT Menu Maker script.
v1.65 2015-04-16 – set CENTREHD=1 will now auto-centre menu headings. Menu hotkeys changed in all STRINGS.txt files, AUTOMENU feature added – can now press first letter of a menu entry to select it, current language displayed in footer HELPTEXT (can be changed in MyE2B.cfg). grub4dos letters, e.g. p for password entry and c and e now only work if SHIFT is pressed at same time. Small speed improvement in counting Windows ISOs. New version of hotkey utility (thanks chenall!). New grub4dos 0.4.6a.
v1.66 – revised Spanish and German STRINGS.txt, E2B_Editor added.
v1.67 – $NAME$ now supported in .mnu and .txt files, QAUTO.g4b and AUTOMN.g4b changed so .txt files with no \n (help) now end in \n to suppress g4d default help text. Only first line in .txt files are now used. RMPartUSB and grubinst added so RMPrepUSB no longer needed to make a USB drive. Update_E2B_Drive.cmd updated to use xcopy if robocopy not available for XP systems. Fixed problem with spaces in pathnames. New grub4dos 0.4.6a can write to small NTFS files (fixes long-standing bug/’feature’).
v1.68 – New grldr 0.46a, autowin7.XML and Load_ISO (no prompt to Repair) XML files added. LOADISNP.CMD added (does not prompt to repair system).Bugfix to CountISOs.g4b. BugFix for .txt files stopping the menu entry from working.1.69 – fix graphicsmode command not working (bitmap needed to be exactly 800×600 or 1024×768 or got text mode menu!). Workaround for partedmagic ISOs not booting with grub4dos 0.4.6a. Subset of NTBOOT added for direct boot of .WIM, .VHD and .VHDX Windows 7/8/10 OS files. XP .VHD file extension now changed to .vhdboot. Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd and Update_E2B_Drive.cmd now copy bootmgr from C: drive if it is present (for NTBOOT function). new grub4dos 0.4.6a bugfix for UDF ISOs causing crash e.g. pmagic. Compress unifont and backgound files using lzma (smaller than gzip and faster to load).
v1.70 2015-06-17 – Allow different backgrounds for WIndows menus and AUTO menu.
v1.71 2015-06-26 – Some Sample mnu Files added + typo\bugfix for PTN2_Menu.mnu. Make_this_drive_contiguous.cmd will now run on any drive it is on (if \_ISO\docs\WINCONTIG folder is also present), so can use on another partition on an E2B drive. XP Step 2 bugfix if installing XP to 2nd HDD it would not boot correctly. JustBrowsing_with_config.mnu file added. German Strings.txt small tweaks. Payload enumeration now displays source directory correctly when listing payload files. ‘set ENUMWAIT=1’ in MyE2B.cfg will cause file enumeration to pause before displaying each menu – useful to see what order files are enumerated in for menu order. MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd tells user if disk is Fixed or Removable type. Fix bug in file/folder enumeration listing directories on screen.
v1.72 2015-09-05 – If press SPACE key during any menu enumeration, then it will pause at end (ENUMWAIT now not needed). Right-aligned menu text (RTL). ! key during enumeration will display boot timings (same as set SHOWTIME=1 in MyE2B.cfg), If use UPDATE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd or MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd, set NOHELPER=1 is added to MyE2B.cfg file if a Removable USB drive is detected. New grub4dos 0.4.6a version supported. UPDATE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd now uses xcopy /d to update (if XP system only) – now only updates files with a later file date. Default menu timeout is now cancelled after you go to a submenu. Bugfix to Windows Install Menu not showing F9 and F10 in some languages. .JPG wallpaper supported (grub4dos 0.4.6a only). Arabic language (minimal support). Check for Win10 bootmgr added. New grldr_046. To get CRC of ISO, now use CTRL+SHIFT instead of just CTRL. blog post
v1.73 2015-10-23 (THIS VERSION HAS AN XP INSTALL ISO ‘firadisk.cmd copy’ BUG, fixed in v1.74) – Fix XP 32-bit IDE driver problem for HP TX1320es in DPMS version only (see FAQ ‘ERROR: CANNOT FIND /IDECOI4IN.DLL’ for details). English F1 Help menu improved. Make_e2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd default now NTFS + UEFI tip added. Win10 keys added. SWITCH_E2B.exe 1.0.0 added. Swedish language added (thanks to DavidS). Dutch  (NL) language (thanks to JeroenM!) If .imgPTN extension and ptn #2=hidden type 21 then it will not be removed when switching partitions. This is to enhance bootability with some BIOSes (use any other extension of .imgPTN* if you don’t want this action – e.g. .imgPTNa.) also same action for SWITCH_E2B.exe. Fix ‘DRIVERPACK.INI firadisk.sys DPMS error when using grub4dos 0.4.6a. New Win10 compatible ImDisk version+small change to ImDisk_Installiso.cmd. New \grldr 0.4.6a version. Beta revision history here.
v1.74 2015-11-06 – [Note: THis version has bug with some types of .imgPTN files] RMPartUSB v2.1.730. .vhdfira and .firavhd extensions added to QRUN.g4b, .vhdboot modified to include firadisk. XP Gold 2015 .mnu sample added. Fix for ‘Cannot copy firadisk.cmd’ on textmode file copy phase of XP Install ISO (bug in v1.73).
v1.75 2015-12-02 – .isoBF file extension added (removes bootfix.bin from an ISO file so no prompt to ‘Press a key to boot from CD). .vhdgrldr added. New ImDisk version for Win10 Threshold 2 Install ISOs. .imgPTN files can now be added to \_ISO\WINDOWS\xxxx folders (except XP folder). Fix for some .imgPTNxxx file extensions not working (imgPTNa23LBA,imgPTN23aLBA). Fix for .mnu files not added correctly unless ends with carriage return. SWITCH_E2B.exe v1.0.2 (has extra MBR check before switching partitions). Server 2016 folder added. Language files tweaked.
v1.76 2016-01-17 – SWITCH_E2B v1.0.6 with FlashBoot and WinToGo+.imgPTN support. .isoBF fixed (did not work in 1.75!). Zorin 9 persistent .mnu files added. Fix for Zorin 9 in isoboot.g4b. AuroraBin default wallpaper. Improve LZMA Encode/Decode scripts. Fix bug – if user deleted some of the Windows sub-folders then the other Windows sub-folders were not enumerated (e.g. \_ISO\WINDOWS\XP). Fix ‘Trouble!’ message if installing XP and > 1 drive in system. New grub4dos 0.4.6a version \grldr. Add check for Write-protected USB drive. Improve MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd to detect Removable USB drives and copy zip and 7z files. Language support added for ListDisks.mnu (ENG and GERMAN STRINGS.INI).
v1.77 2016-02-12 – New version of grubinst.exe. MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd bugfixes for Removable drive detection. Switch_E2B v1.0.10. MOVE_IMGPTN added (see here – Method 4). If drive is write-protected, now uses ISOBOOT to boot from ISOs (treat USB drive as a CD). Ophcrack support added to ISOBOOT. QRUN.g4b warns if xxxx.imPTN file does not precede second xxxx. image partition file when switching in two partition images. E2B_Editor v1.0.83. Panda Vaccine AUTORUN.INF fix sample .mnu files added. \_ISO\TXT_Maker.exe utiity added. Menu system will now ignore .exe files. Improve QRUN.g4b when error and if E2B disk is not disk 0. Change all STRINGS.txt menu headings so they don’t start with two spaces (users should use HEADPOS in MyE2B.cfg if they want to move the headings). New redir/redirp and AVG Rescue sample menus.
v1.77A 2016-02-16 – same as 1.77 but has TXT_Maker.exe v1.0.08 (comglg32.ocx not required).
v1.78 2016-03-22 – New version of grub4dos 0.4.6a. Menu highlight bar is now full width of menu (like 0.4.5c) if background colour is used. If you want only the menu text to be highlighted and not bar across whole screen, see Sample_My2E2B.cfg file for instructions (use setmenu –highlight-short). Russian language files added. New TXT_Maker.exe (no comdlg32.ocx dependency). .isopup file extension bugfix (prevents hang) + add Save parameter so can boot from puppy/slacko ISO with save enabled. PassPass in docs folder. \_ISO\docs\Template\Animate template added. Lubuntu 15 + persistence sample .mnu file added. .isopup extension bugfix + now enables Save/peristence. Bugfix in QRUN.g4b for SHIFT key not running ISOBOOT. isoboot.g4b updated. STAMPs and ANIMATE supported + Sample mnu file. QRUN.g4b adds .isoWH file extension for DLC/Hirens ISOs which boot to Mini7/8. .isoxx64xx extensions deprecated. ListDir menu added to UTILITIES menu. Debug versions of Make_E2B_USB_Drive and Update_E2B_Drive scripts added (outputs results a log file). Extra startup debug added – if user presses SPACEBAR during early startup, screen will pause – press SPACEBAR twice to pause at next point or any key to continue. FONT24 large font support added. Protect.cmd added to \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities folder to protect the MyE2B.cfg file from other users – see https://www.easy2boot.com/configuring-e2b/protection-and-security/. Add .KRN and .LKRN file extensions (e.g. for iPXE kernel files). ‘AUTO’ suffix can be used on any of the .imgPTN ‘family’ now. Suffixes (32\64, pwd and AUTO can be combined). Fix problem with using $$$$CONFIG .mnu files + FASTLOAD not working. .isoHW file extension for Hirens\DLC with XP+mini7. Sample Guest menu .mnu files. See this blog post. v1.78A 2016-03-24 – new version of \grldr grub4dos 0.4.6a 20160324. Bugfix: if tophelp set to off-screen to hide menu help text, did not work. Version withdrawn! v1.78B 2016-03-25 – 1.78A grub4dos still buggy (setting help off screen may cause graphics corruption!).
v1.78C 2016-03-26 new grub4dos v20160326 (bugfix for tophelp > 34).
v1.79 2016-03-31 – new NOWINXP parameter to suppress some menu items in the Windows Install menu. Small bugfix in AUTOMN.g4b (detected files with no extension), improved Protect.cmd to show more file info. Bugfix for bad error handling in QRUN.g4b (did not abort if error). E2B_Editors v1.0.85 (NOSUG and NOWINXP options added). Improve robocopy use in UPDATE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd.
v1.80 2016-05-10 – bugfix for Windows Install menus not displayed if FASTLOAD enabled. Change to centrehd.g4b batch file to allow for large fonts. Small change to German STRINGS.txt. Latest grub4dos 0.4.6a (ext4 and CDFS bugfixes). bugfix for uppercase extension .MNU and .TXT ignored. Fix for FASTLOAD with $$$$CONFIG files. No need for WINCOUNT special variable. Fix no display issue if use STAMPs in text mode (GFX=none). Update_all_e2B_drives.cmd added. Improved CopyFF.g4b batch file to workaround bug in fat utility which won’t copy files beginning with the letter o. New grldr 0.4.6a grub4dos 20160426. PTN2 .mnu files for UEFI_GRUB2_PTN2 toolkit.
v1.81 2016-07-09  DO NOT USE – BUG IN MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE (run as admin).cmd – Alternate Power off sample .mnu file added for systems that where F10 does not turn off the system + SlackOS+persistence, MX-15+persistence, PTN2_boot_any_file, MainMenuOnly.cfg. $$AddWin2Main.mnu bugfixes for direct booting of Windows Install ISOs from Main menu. Change Admin detection test in MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE script so does not rely on Windows exe. Improve MOVE_IMGPTN script (was omitted from 1.80). Improve windows install from ISO for XML path specification and test /autounattend.xml is not empty. Fix %ISOC% being displayed instead of ISO filename. Fix .isope path problems and make work if iso on 2nd partition. New RMPartUSB v2.1.731. Check .VHD/.VHDX/.WIM full path for spaces. Check compatibe bootmgr used for direct VHD\WIM booting. QR code stamp option when making E2B drive added. Extensions .isoPECD and .iso01PECD supported. SWITCH_E2B.exe v1.0.12 (support .imgptn*2* as well as .imgptn*23* extension for special users – *2* is NOT supported by E2B though!).
v1.81A 2016-07-12 – bugfix in MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE script which caused it to exit before completion. 
v1.82 2016-08-13 – New grub4dos 0.4.6a ‘E2B.cfg missing’ bug fix. SDI_CHOCO (automated driver and apps install for Win 7/8/10) now added. New Win8/10 SDI_CHOCO XML files. Fix for Windows Setup refusing to install to internal hard disk if using E2B HDD+WINHELPER flash drive with some systems. Install from XP ISO hang/reset bugfix. Support for WSUS Offline update in SDI_CHOCO added. Small tweak to \_ISO\e2b\grub\menu.lst to remove unneeded screen clear. Improve LOADISO.cmd routine when searching for virtual Win7/8/10 ImDisk DVD drives. Added two new bootmgr versions to ‘whitelist’ for VHD booting.v1.83 2016-08-27 Bug in XP Install – please use latest version! – bugfix grub4dos so does not absorb key presses before menu is displayed. Make_E2B_USB_Drive (run as admin).cmd now checks for more versions of bootmgr (whitelist has new additions). Warning message if try to use .imz file extension (you need to convert to .ima). Add sample .mnu files for Remix OS x86 with persistence (thanks Sergio!). Small changes to German language files (thanks Frettt). Add fmt_ntfs.sh script and udefrag utility to docs\linux_utils folder – can now make and maintain an NTFS E2B drive under linux. Update FreeDOS floppy image to allow access to NTFS files under FreeDOS (E2B drive = C: ). Updated SDI ‘Snappy’ executables.
v1.84 2016-09-20 – Parrot+persistence sample .mnu file added. New feature: if user presses u key during early booting to Main menu, the grub4dos USB 2.0 driver will be loaded. Change to SDI_CHOCO Sample_MyStartup.cmd so that -y and unchecksummed packages are accepted. Add ‘Download Urls’ folder to \_ISO\docs folder. Add Win7 SDI_CHOCO XML files. Fix SDI_CHOCO.cmd so does not pause if installing Win7. Add E2B_WINHELPER_&DW.zip for Zalman\IODD. Fix problem of F1 Help menu title not displayed. Fix bug – if animated icon in menu, then XP+DPMS install is broken (asks for floppy disk). Sample WinNTSetup diskpart script files added to \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\WinNTSetup folder. Add Disable_System_Volume_Information_Folder_Creation folder to \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities folder which can be used to prevent Windows creating System Volume Information folders on USB drives. Cub Linux + persistence Sample Mnu File added. Official grub4dos 0.4.6a v2016-09-20 release added.
v1.85 2016-10-18 – add udefrag linux utility for defragging NTFS files under linux. ZGRUB_USB_046.mnu menu improved. Improve errorchecking in MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd for wget/proxy issues (thanks to JH for reporting it!), German language update (thanks Frettt!).
v1.86 2016-10-29 – Language files updated. Bug fix for wsusoffline Win8/2012R12 updates not working. Win8/10 Repair option now offered (press a key within 4 seconds). Self-extracting .exe versions available.
v1.87 2016-12-10 – Fix typo in SDI_CHOCO which caused scrolllock.exe and capslock.exe error messages. Improve linux fmt.sh scripts to install grub4dos to PBR and make partition active using parted. Latest grub4dos 0.4.6a. Snappy updated to R513. Persistent .mnu files added for LibreELEC and Pentoo. Win10 support added to PassPass. Improved Restore File check in PPass.g4b to prevent restoring wrong file+improve search speed.
v1.88 2017-01-27 – Add Server 2012 R2 Std Eval Product Key file, \MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd now does not defrag user folders (only root and \_ISO), updated Wincontig, update SDI executables, fix .isofira extensions in QRUN.g4b to load the ISO as a virtual CD to allow Strelec and other firadisk ISOs to work correctly, new grub4dos 0.4.6a, new purple jpg default background, SWITCH_E2B.exe v1.0.13 (small bugfix to set size of partition to match the size set by grub4dos partnew exactly), Spanish language files improved (thanks DW!), MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE (run as admin).cmd can now be used to duplicate the E2B USB drive onto another USB drive (copies root files and \_ISO folder), Pi_pixel_x86_Persistent.mnu sample mnu file added for PIXEL isoGandalf sample .mnu files added, Boot_Recovery_WIM.mnu added (boot from any systems winre.wim), fix for case where grub4dos 0.4.5c tries to load jpg as wallpaper,
v1.89 2017-02-08 – self-extracting exe download which runs new GUI Make_E2B.exe. NoF1F7F8F0F10.cfg added to \_ISO\docs\Templates (removes F1, F7, F8 etc. from menus). German STRING.txt file tweaked (thanks Frettt!), improve Utilities – Measure BIOS performance to print time in seconds, Switch_E2B.exe v1.0.14.
v1.90 2017-02-18 – support for WinBuilder_ISO.mnu sample menu file (see here), remove 20 character filename limit for WinBuilder ISOs (.isoWB files), Auto-detect WinBuilder .ISO files and automatically update the .ini files to correctly boot and load the ISO as Y: drive, moved Sample Windows XML Unattend files to SAMPLE XML FILES folders (user must copy them up one level if needed), CONTIG.ISO is now not updated by update script, Make_E2B.exe updated, if user sets hidden attribute on USB:\menu.lst then Update script will hide files in root, .cmd scripts can be moved by user to \_ISO folder.v1.91 2017-04-09 – Fix ‘WARNING: WinBuilder ISOs must have .iso file extension’ message being shown when not a WinBuilder ISO, grldr 2017-02-04 latest version. sample ‘blacklist’ .mnu files, latest RMPartUSB, latest Make_E2B.exe , SCROLL LOCK = Verbose mode (turns on QRUN auto-suggest and all messages), new TSUG variable for auto-suggest, default delay for auto-suggest now 6s, reduce Main Menu messages if redir set,\_ISO\docs\Make_E2B_USB_Drive\CheckForUpdate.cmd added to show latest stable version and latest Beta version, latest grub4dos, check added to detect \sources folder on E2B drive (prevents Windows installs from ISO working), SHIFT key on boot = load grub4dos USB 2.0 driver.v1.91A 2017-04-12 – fix small bug in v1.91 (erroneous WARNING: grub4dos 0.4.5c message), update sample konboot .mnu files with extra option to patch konboot to prevent black screen problem on some systems, small change to Loadiso.cmd batch files to allow user to set ISO drive as A: or B:.
v1.91B 2017-04-14 – new grub4dos 0.4.6a was buggy! Now reverted back to 2016 version!
v1.92 2017-05-18 – (Win10 Creator update compatible) – Ukrainian language added (thanks ‘ruffian’), Vietnamese language added (thanks to TN), small bugfix to XPWINNT.g4b to allow SVR2016 folder to be selected, new Make_E2B to add Ukrainian lang, check added in Make_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd to check Windows find command is working, revised English F1.cfg help file, new RMPartUSB v2.1.739 to format the 2nd small hidden partition to prevent Win10 Format pop-up dialogue box and NTFS format issue, bugfix to XP DPMS2 sometime getting wrong PCI ID and hence wrong driver, \_ISO\PimpMyDrive.cmd will add extra options to Main menu, UtilMan account hack XML and CMD files added, delay added to linux fmt.sh scripts after parted command, WinLite10 Sample XML files added, \_ISO\mybackground.jpg will be used if mybackground.bmp is not present, \_ISO\docs\SysInfo added, PET template theme added, SanFrancisco Bridge now default background, new grub4dos \grldr, small changes to Utilities List drives and ls menu entries, change to .cmd file to use PowerShell to run as Admin if available, SDI version updated.
v1.93 2017-06-18 – Offline choco package support added to  SDI_CHOCO.cmd template, \_ISO\docs\Chocbox\ChocBox.cmd for making offline choco packages, NoSpeak.tag and NoBeep.tag now detected by SDI_CHOCO, Chocolatey offline package added – version, Snappy Driver Installer ‘Origin version’ now used, QRUN.g4b changed – small change to .imgPTN so if second *. image file present it will get a partition type number of 7 if grub4dos does not give it one , Suppress suggestion prompt if *q.iso used (useful for WinBuilder ISO or other .iso files which don’t work if you use the .isodefault extension), Switch_E2B.exe v1.0.16 hidden file fix, OpenMandriva ISO sample mnu file added, New grub4dos 0.4.6a, GIFtoIMA.cmd script provided to make animations from GIf files, Make_E2B.cmd will now download bootmgr from internet and add it to E2B drive, \_ISO\docs\Make_E2B_USB_Drive\Add_Bootmgr_to_E2B_drives.cmd added, New default menu wallpaper.
v1.93A 2017-06-20 – RMPartUSB v2.1.740 will assign a drive letter if Windows does not give the USB drive one (to fix a Windows Creator bug) – used in Make_E2B scripts when creating USB drive.
v1.94 2017-07-21 – bugfix for TXT_Maker.exe as iftitle caused a ‘no title’ in .txt file error. Change_drive_Letter.cmd added to allow you to change 2nd partition drive letter on Removable Flash drive, Sample mnu files for linux ext3 comment added, .iso32 and .iso64 allowed in \_ISO\WINDOWS\xxxxx menu folders, latest grub4dos \grldr 2017-06-25, latest ImDisk driver, Spanish kbd now addded if Spanish language selected, Czech language (Beta) added,
v1.95 2017-09-09 – Czech F1.cfg help added, bugfix for set NOHELPER=1 not working, XP ISO install issue of ‘Selected disk does not exist’ fix added, ‘0K low memory’ error fixed for some XP boot issues, Increase menu memory from 0x50 sectors to 0xA0 sectors for bigger menus, fix bug when using ‘set GRUB_USB=045’ in MyE2B.cfg, Greek language folder added, choose an E2B wallpaper.mnu file added (also in PimpMyDrive), 0x50 changed to 0xA0 in many Sample mnu files and language files to allow for large menus. New \grldr grub4dos 2017-08-30 (change in memory map handling – bugfix), increase size of FASTLOAD cache file for very large menus, Falcon4 sample menu file updated, Sample_MyE2B.cfg file updated, smal change to ENG English strings.txt file, BIOS beep code references added to \_ISO\docs\Download URLs folder, .isolinux file extension now boots \isolinux\isolinux.bin with ISO mapped as CD (e.g. SBCD.iso), warn user if MyE2B.cfg is invalid.
v1.96 2017-10-20 – QRUN.g4b checks for fixed type of .VHD\.VHDX file – dynamic VHDs won’t boot, improve GIFtoIMA.cmd script to calculate size of .IMA file required, new wallpaper, new SWITCH_E2B.exe with improved file re-ordering for dual image payloads (see Method 4).  Check \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg begins with !BAT+bugfix, added disk1 sample XML unattended install files for Win7/8/10. GIFtoIMA.cmd now will add code lines to your MyE2B.cfg file (optional), if .txt file exists then don’t suggest extension unless SCROLL LOCK is on (QRUN.g4b), larger cmd shell window for UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.cmd, bugfix for .isofira01 as used for Strelec ISOs and fix some other .fira extensions (QRUN.g4b), add linuxlite_persistence and linuxmint_persistence sample mnu files, small change to ENGlish Strings.txt (.imgPTN prompt, etc.).
v1.96A 2017-11-16 !BAT bugfix for v1.96 – Fix $Default E2B Menu.cfg by adding !BAT to prevent initial error message after using PimpMydrive.cmd (bugfix). No !BAT string in MyE2B.cfg error message suppressed if no MyE2B.cfg file exists (bugfix).
v1.97 2017-12-16 – Download now in self-extracting .exe RAR4 format instead of .zip format (less false-positive virus alerts!). Change to all E2B menus and language files – menu help text now does not have leading space at start of each help line. New hstart and hwidth parameters can be set in MyE2B.cfg to set the menu help text x start offset and the line width. You can now position the menu help text anywhere on the display. Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd now prompts user to delete or change the size of the 500MB CONTIG.ISO file. New Make_E2B.exe – the extract button now works even if no USB drive is detected and it was not run as admin. Also, it now warns that user will require WinHelper USB Flash drive for Windows Install ISOs if Fixed Disk type of USB drive is detected. Fix $Default E2B Menu.cfg by adding !BAT to prevent initial error message after using PimpMydrive.cmd (bugfix). ‘No !BAT string in MyE2B.cfg’ error message suppressed if no MyE2B.cfg file exists (bugfix). Snappy SDIO .cfg file changed to suppress GNU licence EULA on first run + updated version CENTREHD code revised for better centering of menu headings. Small bugfix to E2B_Editor.exe + it now lists both .bmp and .jpg files in open file dialog by default. New setmenu draw-box command added (see here). String command bugfix and documented on E2B site. New BoxDemo sample theme added to demonstrate new hstart, hwidth, drawbox, line and string features. Small \_ISO\Sample_MyBackground.jpg file added for use with E2B_Editor. Small changes to some .cfg sample themes. Desinfect 2017 sample .mnu file added.
v1.97A 2017-12-23 – bugfix grub4dos \grldr for helptext colour and –string= fix, E2B_Editor.exe small bugfix for colours 6, 7 and 8. WinLite10 XML sample files updated to add amd64 section.
v1.98 2018-03-09 (re-release)- patchme script now removes ‘If hangup , use ‘geometry –lba1sector (128)’ grub4dos startup message, variables SIZE_E2B and SIZE_HD1 can now be used in MyE2B.cfg files in HEADING and FOOTER (size of drive in GB), ‘GodMode’ folder added to \_ISO\docs\Download URLs for easy access to Windows GodMode list, DrWeb900_Persistent.mnu added, .isopersist file extension supported, support for *NCQ.iso suffix, add .isoBF to ‘ISOASK’ list, add .isoBF file extension to ‘isoask’ list, add .isopersist tip into auto-suggest,  change FreeDos+NTFS floppy image to increase amount of conventional memory from 310K to 530K and add mem.exe utility + extended memory driver for DPMI support, add mouse.com DOS mouse driver to FreeDos floppy image, increase floppy disk size to 7.6MB so more files can be added by user, add TESTPLOP variable support for use with VMWare. Use Inno Setup as Self Extractor engine for less AV false positives. Bugfix for EXTOFF=1 not being set in MyE2B.cfg (suppresses file extension listed in menu). Typo bugfix (md)0x300+0x800 should be (md)0x300+200 in QRUN and menu.lst.

v1.99 2018-06-16 – 

  • New Milky Way default E2B wallpaper. 
  • New grldr grub4dos version 2018-06-12 with beep command. 
  • grldr_046 updated to 2017-12-23 stable version. 
  • GIFtoIMA.cmd script now asks for transparency setting if .bmp chosen. 
  • Utilities – List Files menu now has option to list files in UTILITIES_MEMTEST folder. 
  • CONTIG.ISO is now not copied when using the red button in MAKE_E2B.exe GUI to make a new E2B drive. Saves 500MB of disk space on USB drive. 
  • Make_CONTIG.ISO.cmd added to \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities folder so user can make their own CONTIG.ISO file. 
  • The .imgPTN23 extension now also makes partition active and uses LBA parameters (now same function as SWITCH_E2B.exe), and it is equivalent to .imgPTNLBAa23. This means that 99% of the time you just need to know about the two extensions .imgPTN or .imgPTN23. 
  • Non-contiguous files are flagged when enumerating files (press SPACEBAR quickly twice to pause listing). 
  • Non-contiguous .imgPTN files are flagged up in the menu (because they won’t work!). 
  • Force_Windows_Safe_Mode .cmd files added – useful to force a Windows 8/10 system to boot into Safe Mode. 
  • Updated “\_ISO\WINDOWS\INSTALLS\APPS\CHOCBOX\chocolatey-core.extension.1.3.1.nupkg” to 1.3.3. 
  • Automated bugfix added to fix menu.lst file in old .imgPTN files. 
  • UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.cmd now repositions cmd shell window. 
  • Setting redir now suppresses the ‘System Hard Disk (hd1) not detected’ warning message. 
  • Fix in dpms2.g4b so doesn’t crash older versions of VBox . 
  • Update_E2B_Drive.cmd now has 2 second tolerance on file times (/FFT switch added). 
  • Fix bug for .imafdhdd0 file extension in QRUN.g4b. 
  • Small bugfix when payload files are enumerated to not display folder path in some cases. 
  • Bugfix for 0.4.5c detection in Utilities menu.
  • Improve POS2009 .txt instructions in Sample mnu files folder. 
  • Sample Tunes in \_ISO\docs\Tunes folder. 
  • Sample Run_ISO_With_Alarm.mnu added (sounds an alarm before running any ISO). 
  • PimpMyDrive.cmd updated to add Play Tunes menu entry. 
  • Fix for when using .isopwd is used but there is no password set. 
  • VIPRE Rescue URL added to \_ISO\docs\Download URLs folder. 
  • Desinfect_2018_with_Updates.mnu sample mnu file added. 
  • Improve Help in Make_E2B.exe
  • Add WIN10_Prompt_for_PCNAME_and_UNAME.mnu to sample mnu files.

v1.99 2018-06-18re-release – revised update with  \grldr 2018-06-18 version which has small bugfix.v1.A0 2018-07-14 –

  • New grldr (2018-07-01) grub4dos supporting centering of menu entries and menu help text (setmenu command).
  • Small bug fix to remove extra space after menu entries in Sample .mnu files.
  • New SHORT_HL variable can be used to set the highlighted menu entry to only highlight the menu text and not the whole menu line. 
  • If FONT variable path contains “.f24” then 24-high fonts will be used. 
  • UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.cmd now checks in case the user has renamed some of the standard E2B .mnu files (e.g. ZZSubmenuAll.mnu).
  • New E2B_Editor.exe now uses 24-bit colour values for the heading and footer colours
  • KBD_QWERTY_USA keyboard file added so can pick using E2B_Editor.
  • Three new Themes added to demonstrate centred text menus
  • STRINGS.txt files changed – no need to pad out menu headings.
  • New \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files\E2B Menus\Adjust_E2B_Menu.mnu menu
  • Bugfixes to internal menu positioning, etc.
  • Bugfix for v1.99 – MAKE_CONTIG.cmd script is now copied across when making an E2B drive (running Update did copy it across but not Make_E2B).
  • UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.CMD now displays latest stable E2B version and latest Beta version available (requires web access).
  • Small fixes to centre menu heading when UTF-8 characters used (e.g. Arabic, Chinese)
  • Fix to centre menu headings better when UTF-8 languages used with CENTREHD=1
  • Small changes to Check_for_Update.cmd and UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.cmd to display E2B version numbers
  • .cmd files modified to use %WINDIR%\System32\find.exe in case Windows Path environment variable points to a different version of find.exe.
  • TimeDiskAccess.mnu added – allows user to test raw sector read speed under BIOS of all drives in system. Useful for comparing USB+BIOS driver performance.

v1.A1 2018-09-02

  • New E2B_Editor.exe – fixes duplicate keyboard entries in dropdown list.
  • New \grldr grub4dos version.
  • \_ISO\SWITCH_E2B.exe v1.0.18 now asks for partition type for 2nd image
  • New default wallpaper.
  • \_ISO\WINDOWS\AIO folder now supported for All-in-One Windows Install ISOs (for .iso or .imgPTN files)
  • F8 in Main Menu changed so it does not reload grub4dos.
  • Server 2016 menu entry hotkey changed from ‘6’ to ‘D’.
  • Some old .hdr files removed and new MenuWinInstall.hdr added.
  • Sub-menu files \_ISO\xxxx.g4b, .bmp and .jpg are now automatically used if they are present (e.g. \_ISO\ANTIVIRUS.jpg will be automatically used when the AntiVirus menu is loaded) – see here.
  • PimpMyDrive.cmd now adds Adjust_E2B_Menu.mnu to make the Main menu tidier.
  • PatchMe script updated to suppress the grub4dos ‘A20 Debug’ message on bootup.
  • Small change to SysInfo2.hta.
  • Small changes to ZZSubMenuAll.mnu.
  • Improved language files.
  • Added ‘WARNING: Some types of AV software can cause ChocBox.cmd to run extremely slowly’ to chockbox.cmd. 
  • SUB_MENU_Maker.cmd file also added into the \_ISO folder for user convenience (same file as \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\E2B SUBMENU Maker.cmd).
  • .bat, .xml and .bak files are not listed in a menu if found in a menu folder.
  • .f24 and .uni.gz font files can be placed in menu folders and they will be loaded as new font when selected by user from the menu.
  • Few very minor bug fixes.
  • New Sample mnu files:
  • WIN10_Prompt_for_PCNAME_and_UNAME.mnu
  • WIN10_Prompt_for_UNAME_auto_serial_COMPNAME.mnu
  • Win10_PromptUser_for_XML_settings.mnu
  • DrWeb900_2018_Persistent.mnu sample menu file
  • Improve Adjust_E2B_Menu.mnu sample menu file – the user can change menu settings, etc. from within a single menu.

v1.A2 2018-09-09 – bug fix for SUB_MENU_Maker.cmd adding space to .mnu file and prevents background wallpaper from being loaded for new user-made menu folders. Also special characters now should work and a UTF-8 .mnu file is written by .cmd files. Small tweaks to F1.cfg help files., add DOS menu to FreeDOS disk image.
v1.A3 2018-09-27 – new grldr grub4dos 2018-09-19, fix QRUN.g4b for .jpg/,bmp wallpaper file extension if animation running then selecting a .bmp or .jpg file did not change wallpaper, warning added if win 7 .imgptn has bootx64.efi boot file missing, \_ISO\docs\Make_Ext\Make_Ext.exe utility added – allows you to make persistence files without RMPrepUSB, QRUN now displays contents of the \.disk\info file just before running an ISO (if it exists), SWITCH_E2B.exe re-packaged so will not trigger false-positives with AV software and sync.exe removed, comments changed in Sample .mnu files to mention Make_Ext.exe utility, FreeDOS .img file changed slightly for more memory with option 2.
v1.A4 (bugfix for Make_Ext.exe) – 2018-10-11 – New file extension suffixes recognised (4GB=only lists file in menu if RAM>4GB, 3GB=only listed in menu if RAM <4GB). File extensions suffixes can now be in any order and not case sensitive (pwd,32,64,4GB,3GB,AUTO). File suffixes for .iso and .imgptn files in \_ISO\WINDOWS folders (except XP) also recognised. e.g. .isopwd4GB64, .imgPTN3GBAUTO. SnipStr.g4b grub4dos subroutine added which can remove a sub-string from a variable, Txt_Maker.exe now has option for 4GB RAM detection and CAPSLOCK hotkey, SWITCH_E2B.exe v1.0.20 has bugfix for sometimes E2B drive not listed, bugfix for Make_Ext.exe (v1.1.0), v1.0.0 did not correctly format the ext file.
v1.A5 2018-10-16  (bugfix for Win7 install ISOs) – Bugfix for Win7 ISO installs (bug introduced in v1.A1 through to 1.A4), bugfix for AUTO file extension suffix not working with .imgPTNAUTO files, QRUN.g4b now displays tip to user to use .imgPTN23 if a 2nd partition is detected on the E2B drive, added support for .isoBSD file extension, now only .gz files which end in.uni.gz, .ima.gz or .img.gz are recognised, KEYB utility added to DOS floppy boot image (e.g. type KEYB FR for french keyboard under FreeDOS), bsd.imgptn now included in \_ISO\e2b\grub folder.
v1.A6 2018-10-17  (bugfix for AUTO menu folder) – Fix for \_ISO\AUTO menu not working, .help text files now supported, Win7 Install ISO screen displays ‘USB 2.0’ reminder text.
v1.A7 2018-12-21

  • Support for background images and multiple .help files using a .mnu file
  • HelpWithBackground.mnu file added to \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files\E2B Menus
  • DBAN_auto_wipe.mnu added to  \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files\Others
  • Win10_8_7_ISO_on_PTN2.mnu added to  \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files\Windows
  • .isoDPMS file extension supported for XP-based ISOs such as DaRT5\ERD ISO (will load 32-bit XP SATA\RAID\SCSI driver).
  • Robocopy Backup and Restore .cmd scripts added to \_ISO\docs\Make_E2B_USB_Drive folder.
  • Support for Vista/7/8/10 Windows ISOs placed on partition 2
  • Option to press U key to load grub4dos USB 2 driver if E2B warns you about BIOS 128GiB bug.
  • Windows Server 2019 folder added for install ISOs.
  • Few more URLs added to \_ISO\docs\Download URLs folder
  • WinContig updated
  • .help files now don’t display first three UTF-8 bytes in UTF-8 file
  • Small bugfix in Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd when using drive 10 and 11.
  • Small bugfix to Update_E2B_Drive.cmd for when used on an empty USB drive
  • Small fix to Add_Bootmgr_to_E2B_drives.cmd if empty floppy drive in system
  • Small changes to Make_Ext.exe, Make_MyE2B.cfg.cmd, isoboot.g4b, QAUTO.g4b, QRUN.g4b (does not warn if .help file is not contiguous)
  • Fix bug in SDI_CHOCO, %BIT% variable was not available in MyStartup.cmd or MySetupComplete.cmd
  • update WinContig.exe
  • Minor bugfixes to some .cmd scripts in case TEMP variable has spaces in path.
  • FreeDOS floppy image now does not load Norton ndos because it was causing problems when using * in commands (e.g. copy C:\*.com A:\ gave errors).

v1.A8 2019-01-15 (can run Windows Install ISOs from USB Hard Disk using WIMBOOT)

  • Add WIMBOOT function to Windows Install menu so that Windows Install ISOs will work from an E2B USB hard disk without needing a WinHelper flash drive. If prompted, wimboot can be skipped if ENTER is pressed. 
  • QRUN.g4b now detects if an .iso file is a Windows Install ISO automatically so they can be run from any standard E2B menu folder and no WinHelper USB drive is required (1-2GB+ RAM required). 
  • MemTest86 (MBR+UEFI) .imgPTN file now added to the Utilities – Memory Test sub-menu (MemTest v8.1 Jan 2019)
  • New .isoPELD and .isoPELD1 extensions for WIMBOOT (loads ISO as drive Y:) PELD1 boots from image #1 in wim file.
  • Fix XML VM Disk1 typos (was ‘Diskid’ now ‘DiskID’). 
  • Can now add set NOREPAIR=1 into MyE2B.cfg to suppress the ‘Press any key for Windows Repair only…’ prompt for Windows 8/10/2016/2019 ISOs. 
  • ‘NOHELPER’ yellow text reminder is now displayed if the NOHELPER variable is set in the MyE2B.cfg file. 
  • Fix some language text issues in STRINGS.txt files. 
  • In case of a payload error, user can press Ctrl+F8 hotkey to completely reload E2B. Ctrl+U now used to load Utilities Menu from Memory test menu.
  • New default background. 
  • QEMU_MENU_TEST (run as admin).cmd now rescans drives on exit so if you select a .imgPTN file, Windows Explorer will show the correct contents when you quit QEMU.

v1.A9 2019-02-11 Includes new file extension override feature.

  • New feature: can use extension override xxxxxx_.(override).iso in filename – e.g. hirens_.isowinvh.iso – override must start with _. and works for any extension. The extra _.fileext.xxx text is removed from the menu entry.
  • New feature: xxxxx_.WinNTSetup.iso now causes any Windows install ISO (except XP) to run WinNTSetup automatically and supports dual x86+x64 ISOs – you can also use your own batch file to automate WinNTSetup by using the STARTUP variable in a .mnu file (blog here).
  • New feature: filename sort override prefix can be used (e.g. _aaa_Ubuntu 64-bit.iso is sorted as if it begins with aaa_ but is listed in the menu as Ubuntu 64-bit without the override characters). Can be combined with a _. extension override – e.g. _$$$aaa_Ubuntu x64_.isodef64.iso.
  • New feature: batch files added to \_ISO folder _Make_Ext.bat, _Snappy Driver Installer.bat, _Sysinfo.bat, _Download URLs – Shortcut.lnk
  • Improvement: grub4dos \grldr 2018-12-23 new version.
  • Improvement: Make_E2B.exe now has graphical buttons.
  • Improvement: E2B_Editor.exe revised to add 4 extra options for centering menu text, etc.
  • Improvement: minor changes to \menu.lst and \_ISO\e2b\grub\menu.lst for small boot speed improvements.
  • Improvement: remove countiso.g4b to speed up enumeration of Windows ISOs.
  • Improvement: .imgPTN code in QRUN.g4b now checks for grub4dos backup sector at LBA1.
  • Improvement: QRUN.g4b now detects HAIKU ISOs and suggests using the .HAIKU file extension.
  • Improvement: Windows Install ISO ‘Repair only’ prompt now changed to ‘Repair\Setup’ because pressing ENTER will now boot using WIMBOOT and so the ISO will be loaded as a virtual DVD and Setup will run without using an XML file.
  • Improvement: extension override now works for ’32’, ’64’, ‘3GB’ and ‘4GB’ suffixes so the menu entry is not listed in the E2B menu – e.g. Win10x64_.isodef64.iso – the menu entry is only listed on 64-bit systems.
  • Improvement: use –mem –top instead of –mem where the payload may be very large, e.g. Win10.vhdmem.
  • Improvement: Util_Man.exe hack now launches control panel automatically.
  • Extra: Extra Sample mnu Files\E2B Menus  .mnu files added so you can add your own F1, F7, F8, F9 and F10 .mnu files.
  • Extra: Added netrunner+persistence sample mnu file.
  • Bugfix: in QRUN.g4b for redir not suppressing all output if NOSUG is set.
  • Bugfix: fix QEMU_MENU_TEST bug when 9 or more drives in system.
  • Bugfix: TimeAccess.g4b sometimes miscalculated.
  • Bugfix: QAUTO.g4b and AUTOMN.g4b now does not use reserved memory at (md)0x230.
  • Bugfix: Menus were not always sorted alphabetically if file started with a number.

V1.B0 2019-04-24

  • New X4 file extension suffix for partition images, .imgptnX4ffff will also add the partition image file ffff as the 4th partition.
  • File extension suffixes NCQ (non-contiguous+quiet), QUIETP (redir+redirp), QUIET (redir) added – e.g. WinBuilder_10PESE_x64_.ISONCQ.iso so that if the file is not contiguous it will boot without any ‘not-contiguous’ warning.
  • New .isoboot file extension to immediately run a linux iso using isoboot.
  • Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd now creates a large 2nd partition if USB drive is > 128GB (if removable USB drive, Win10 1703 or later is required to get 2nd large partition).
  • New default wallpaper.
  • WinNTSetup ALT_ISO variable support added and new \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files\Windows\Install Windows 7 with USB 3 (WinNTSetup).mnu for installing Win7 on modern USB 3 systems.
  • New SWITCH_E2B.exe which also looks on Ptn2\_ISO for X4 file.
  • Greek language added (thanks to Jeider)
  • Bugfix in countfiles.g4b for windows ISOs with .iso324GB suffixes not being counted properly (the Windows folder had to have at least one .iso file to be shown in menu – now it will work if just one .iso32 or .iso4GB etc. file is present).
  • Bugfix – fix bug in PWD file extension suffix code in QRUN.
  • Bugfix – Add fix30.g4b batch file to fix ‘LBA30 contains code’ error after selecting a .imgPTN file.
  • Bugfix – menu not displaying correctly on some system if menu help text ‘tophelp’ is positioned above menu area.
  • Bugfix – Vista\Win7 background not changing if \_ISO\Win7.jpg\.bmp present.
  • Bugfix – AUTO\DIRECT menu heading.
  • Bugfix – if only one .XML or one .KEY file is present it will now be automatically used.
  • Bugfix – if X4 filename is > 16 characters,Fix bug if ‘3GB’, ‘4GB’, ’32’ or ’64’ found in X4 filename it could prevent file from being listed.
  • Bugfix – .imgptn32X4cccc and .imgptn64X4cccc (32 and 64 not working correctly).
  • Bugfix – some XP ISOs not booting when used for 2nd time (bootfix.bin).
  • Bugfix – improve start LBA calculation for imgpnt files.
  • Bugfix – WinPE+XP Install does not work if use WinPE10, so removed Win10/2016/2019 folder choices from menu.
  • Add new E820 variable (set E820=0 in MyE2B.cfg if get black screen when boot to XP Setup on some Dell/buggy systems).
  • Add more checks for XP install where no internal hdd exists.
  • grub4dos 0.4.5c removed (0.4.6a has been stable now for over 2 years).
  • Windows ISO files in \_ISO\WINDOWS\Vista/7/8/10/etc. will now use default.xml file automatically if it exists in the same folder as the ISO (e.g. it can be a copy of the ‘no key’ XML file).
  • .ISO and .imgPTN files under \_ISO\WINDOWS (except XP) can have _nnn_ sort prefix numbers (e.g. _100_Windowsx64.iso) if you want to change the order of the files that are listed in the menu.
  • Make_E2B.exe small tweak to tooltip+button graphics.
  • SDI_CHOCO – nircmd.exe from SDI_CHOCO folder is now a self-extracting, password-protected zip file which you must extract before using SDI_CHOCO to prevent false AV positives.
  • Latest version of grub4dos.
  • isoboot.g4b updated to work with latest v0.33 gparted ISOs.
  • If name ends in Q or NCQ then don’t show these letters in the menu if EXTOFF is set.
  • Add UUID and Volume label to the help text lines under menu if ISO file highlighted in menu.
  • PORTU_BRAZIL language improved.
  • Add SWITCHPE.mnu file to sample mnu files folder.
  • Add error check if bad command in MyE2B.cfg file + change blank $Default E2B Menu.cfg
  • Change to patch code for BOOTFIX.BIN file in Windows ISOs to prevent prompt to ‘Press a key to boot from CD\DVD’.

v1.B0A – bugfix MyE2B may report error, allow E2B to have 3 partitions and use .imgptn+. dual image files, new drive icon in Explorer (thanks to Kapt).
v1.B1 2019-05-21– bugfix for nircmd error in SDI_CHOCO, Hungarian language added (thank to Knyght), If Windows Install ISO filename contains string ‘WimBoot’ (not case sensitive) then E2B will not use WIMBOOT to boot the ISO (you must use a Removable USB drive or use a WinHelper Flash drive) – e.g. Win10 Home and Pro x64 1809 Oct English International (NoWimboot).iso, new grub4dos, add “(x present)” for number of XP ISOs present, E2B_Editor now recognises %day% %month% %year% %SIZE_E2B% and %SIZE_HD1% variables in the HEADER and FOOTER. ‘Easy2Boot’ banner is now displayed on boot to advertise eBooks, Vietnamese and Swedish kbd files added, add Change Keyboard Map .mnu file, add KBD_LATIN_USA.g4b keyboard map file
v1.B2 2019-06-16 (NOTE: bug in XP Step 1 – fixed in latest 1.B3) – Improve VOL and UUID display below menu area, add improved Czech language files (thanks to Pepa) and new Czech kbd files, add Turkish language and kbd (thanks to Tayfun), bugfix for switching to .imgPTN after ptn2/ptn1 switched over using RMPrepUSB-Ctrl-O-2, improve E2B_Editor for MyCSM.cfg editing (will add language and kbd from a .imgPTN USB drive), improve change kbd and change wallpaper menus, change QEMU to use standard VGA graphics ROM instead of cirrus logic graphics ROM, tweaks to \_ISO\e2b\grub\menu.lst, Slovenian beta language files added and Make_E2B.exe updated (thanks to Peter K), bugfix grub4dos hangs when booting some Acronis ISOs, bugfix grub4dos blue\black color setting causes green background, new feature: %MEMSIZE% and %BITNESS% can now be used in HEADING and HELPTEXT or anywhere inside MyE2B.cfg (e.g. 2028 64), using color blue/black or light-blue/black now works correctly. Bugfix in countfiles.g4b – if user had deleted Windows subfolders it aborted.
v1.B3 2019-07-10 – new grub4dos with minor bugfix, small change to menu.lst, small enhancements to checkdate.g4b batch file, bugfix Choose_lang.g4b was not changing LANG variable and so language was not changed when using ‘Change Language’ menu, eset-sysrescue sample mnu files updated, proxmox sample mnu file added, Sample_MyE2B.cfg updated, improve ‘List Disks’ in Utilities menu to show partition UUIDs, improve Turkish Help menu (thanks to dnecro), tweak WIMBOOT batch files to use X:\Setup.exe rather than DVD:\Setup.exe which doesn’t always work (e.g. on Small Business Server ISOs), bugfix for XP Step 1 ‘File ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded – The error code is 14’ error!
v1.B4 2019-07-21 – bugfix for ’32’, ’64’, ‘4GB’ and ‘3GB’ overrides not working. Add/tweak some persistence .mnu files (incl. kali 2019), add new file extension .isopersistdebian for Kali and other Debian-based LiveCD ISOs which support persistence.
v1.B5 2019-08-24 – 

  • Allow file extension suffixes on .wim and .vhd files – e.g. boot.wim64, Windows 7 Ultimate.vhd64pwd.
  • Spaces in .vhd and .wim filenames are now allowed.
  • Bugfix – fix ‘force’ing of file extension from menu – allows ‘QRUN.g4b force.iso xxxxx._yyyy.iso’ to override the yyyy file extension override. 
  • Bugfix – animation sometimes not shown on submenus.
  • New E2B_Editor.exe now displays opaque STAMPs (1-10) when a .cfg file with STAMPs is loaded (transparent stamp background is not supported).
  • New default wallpaper background.
  • New feature – display date & time anywhere on menu (updates each second)  – see here.
  • Add a $$TrueHidePtn2.mnu sample menu file
  • Add Display_Disk_Partitions.mnu to Sample mnu Files\E2B to display MBR partition table of disks in system.
  • Add Display_DateAndTime.mnu Sample mnu file
  • Add latest grub4dos with enhanced setmenu command. 

v1.B6 2019-09-30

  • Bugfix – Easy2Boot download self-extracting exe no longer adds the Make_E2B.exe program into the Windows Start Menu
  • Bugfix – SWITCH_E2B.exe v1.1.25 – if C: drive compressed/encrypted will still work after warning
  • Improve SIZE_E2B and SIZE_HD1 values to nearest GiB instead of nearest 4GiB.
  • Licence readme files added for 3rd-party s/w – see \_ISO\docs\Licenses
  • E2B now checks for 2019-08-09 version of grub4dos 0.4.6a or later
  • MyPwd.g4b added to Sample mnu Files\E2B folder to show example of how to prompt for a master password and have different wallpapers when asking for password
  • Latest grub4dos (allows animation to play during user input, adds grub4dos ‘setmenu –keyhelp-on and –keyhelp-off commands)
  • KBD_DVORAK_USA.g4b keyboard translation file added (thanks to Alex R).
  • Latest version of RMPartUSB.exe
  • menu.lst changed to fix first frame of animation graphics being displayed just before Main menu (due to new grub4dos)
  • ArchiveOS link added to \_ISO\docs\Download URLs folder.
  • Change to \_ISO\e2b\grub\bsd.imgptn to fix bug of not booting if located past 2GB on drive (thanks to James for reporting and extensive testing!)
  • .isogrub file extension now directly loads \menu.lst if it exists (for all-in-one Acronis ISOs, etc.).

v1.B7 2019-11-04

  • Support .isomemgrub file extension
  • Fix bug for .vhdmem file extension
  • SWITCH_E2B v1.1.29 (bugfix for ‘error 52’ issue)
  • Display date&time function now in new grub4dos
  • grub4dos help menu entries added to the Adjust_E2B_Menu2.mnu file (also included in PimpMyDrive.cmd)
  • Latest grub4dos 0.4.6a 20191028 for small bugfix and time+date update new function
  • “\_ISO\docs\Make_E2B_USB_Drive\Make_E2B_Choose_Size_of_Ptn1 (run as admin).cmd” added if you want to make a USB drive with smaller size Ptn 1.

v1.B8 2019-12-31 – Improve E2B scripts to allow user to define more grub4dos environment variables in MyE2B.cfg (grub4dos max is 60), Add .vhdx file extension (was removed in last few versions), update Memtest86 UEFI free version to v8.3, add Tails_generic_for_USB_HDD.mnu for generic menu for booting Tails ISOs from USB HDD. New default background. Latest grub4dos.
v1.B8A 2020-02-07 – ignore .grubfm files and .cfg files which are not grub4dos batch files (in case added for for a1ive grub2 file manager), bugfix for Windows ISOs + XML files, bugfix for firadisk/strelec ISO booting, bugfix in NTBOOT for .wim booting when using grub2 File Manager, Simplified Chinese STRINGS.txt updated, Make_E2B.exe utility now has a Drive Info button, RMPartUSB.exe updated, latest grub4dos \grldr file which has a bugifx in grub4dos for password prompt at top of screen if time&date used.

v2.00 2020-03-24 E2B+agFM support for UEFI-booting

  • Make_E2B.exe and Make_E2B_USB_drive.cmd – downloads agFM if 2nd FAT32 partition is made. Allow user to define sizes in GB of ptns1, 2 and 3. Second partition will be FAT32 if < 32GB if AUTO install using Make_E2B.exe. if drive >128GB it always prompts user for partition 1, 2 and 3 sizes and type.
  • New default wallpaper.
  • .isoPE extension now updates the WinBuilder .ini files (e.g. for Gandalf ISOs) – use .isoPE extension if you get a yellow warning triangle on desktop.
  • \_ISO\docs\Wincontig folder can now be copied to any volume\folder
  • Update SDI_CHOCO scripts and add chocolatey.nupkg for offline install of chocolatey.
  • Add support for windows ISOs on ptn3 in qrun.g4b so can have Windows Install ISOs on ptn3 or ptn2 or ptn1 and use a .mnu file, add $$Install_Win10_from_Ptn2or3.mnu sample mnu file
  • Switch_E2B.exe now looks for auxiliary *. files on other volumes at \(path), then \_ISO, then \ – e.g. ptn1:\_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN10\Win10.imgptn23 and ptn3:\_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN10\Win10.
  • Bugfix – Latest grldr with bugfix for non-contiguous files
  • Bugfix – Fix EXTOFF not working in MyE2B.cfg

v2.00A 2020-03-24 – Bugfix for Italian Windows due to Italian Diskpart displaying Kb not KB, this fixes Parition 2 not found error in MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd on Italian Windows OS’s.
v2.01 2020-04-06 add .isowin to support booting Windows ISOs., Make_E2B fix for French Windows, GiB instead of GB used for partition size entry
v2.02 2020-04-18 Latest WinContig.exe, Add .isoagfm extension (same as .isodef), Update new ChocBox.cmd and ChocolateStore.exe (now requires .Net 4.8), Bugfix in Make USB cmd – if  user specifies 32GB FAT32 then it failed to format it.
v2.03 2020-05-14 

  • New Features
  • New X4 file extension suffix for partition images, .imgptnX4ffff will also add the partition image file ffff as the 4th partition.
  • File extension suffixes NCQ (non-contiguous+quiet), QUIETP (redir+redirp), QUIET (redir) added – e.g. WinBuilder_10PESE_x64.ISONCQ.iso so that if the file is not contiguous it will boot without any ‘not-contiguous’ warning.
  • New .isoboot file extension to immediately run a linux iso using isoboot.
  • Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd now creates a large 2nd partition if USB drive is > 128GB (if removable USB drive, Win10 1703 or later is required to get 2nd large partition).
  • New default wallpaper.
  • WinNTSetup ALT_ISO variable support added and new \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files\Windows\Install Windows 7 with USB 3 (WinNTSetup).mnu for installing Win7 on modern USB 3 systems.
  • New SWITCH_E2B.exe which also looks on Ptn2\_ISO for X4 file.
  • Greek language added (thanks to Jeider)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Bugfix in countfiles.g4b for windows ISOs with .iso324GB suffixes not being counted properly (the Windows folder had to have at least one .iso file to be shown in menu – now it will work if just one .iso32 or .iso4GB etc. file is present).
  • Bugfix – fix bug in PWD file extension suffix code in QRUN.
  • Bugfix – Add fix30.g4b batch file to fix ‘LBA30 contains code’ error after selecting a .imgPTN file.
  • Bugfix – menu not displaying correctly on some system if menu help text ‘tophelp’ is positioned above menu area.
  • Bugfix – Vista\Win7 background not changing if \_ISO\Win7.jpg\.bmp present.
  • Bugfix – AUTO\DIRECT menu heading.
  • Bugfix – if only one .XML or one .KEY file is present it will now be automatically used.
  • Bugfix – if X4 filename is > 16 characters,Fix bug if ‘3GB’, ‘4GB’, ’32’ or ’64’ found in X4 filename it could prevent file from being listed.
  • Bugfix – .imgptn32X4cccc and .imgptn64X4cccc (32 and 64 not working correctly).
  • Bugfix – some XP ISOs not booting when used for 2nd time (bootfix.bin).
  • Bugfix – improve start LBA calculation for imgpnt files.
  • Bugfix – WinPE+XP Install does not work if use WinPE10, so removed Win10/2016/2019 folder choices from menu.
  • Improvements\tweaks
  • Add new E820 variable (set E820=0 in MyE2B.cfg if get black screen when boot to XP Setup on some Dell/buggy systems).
  • Add more checks for XP install where no internal hdd exists.
  • grub4dos 0.4.5c removed (0.4.6a has been stable now for over 2 years).
  • Windows ISO files in \_ISO\WINDOWS\Vista/7/8/10/etc. will now use default.xml file automatically if it exists in the same folder as the ISO (e.g. it can be a copy of the ‘no key’ XML file).
  • .ISO and .imgPTN files under \_ISO\WINDOWS (except XP) can have _nnn_ sort prefix numbers (e.g. _100_Windowsx64.iso) if you want to change the order of the files that are listed in the menu.
  • Make_E2B.exe small tweak to tooltip+button graphics.
  • SDI_CHOCO – nircmd.exe from SDI_CHOCO folder is now a self-extracting, password-protected zip file which you must extract before using SDI_CHOCO to prevent false AV positives.
  • Latest version of grub4dos.
  • isoboot.g4b updated to work with latest v0.33 gparted ISOs.
  • If name ends in Q or NCQ then don’t show these letters in the menu if EXTOFF is set.
  • Add UUID and Volume label to the help text lines under menu if ISO file highlighted in menu.
  • PORTU_BRAZIL language improved.
  • Add SWITCHPE.mnu file to sample mnu files folder.
  • Add error check if bad command in MyE2B.cfg file + change blank $Default E2B Menu.cfg
  • Change to patch code for BOOTFIX.BIN file in Windows ISOs to prevent prompt to ‘Press a key to boot from CD\DVD’.
  • Latest WinContig.exeAdd .isoagfm extension (same as .isodef)Update new ChocBox.cmd and ChocolateStore.exe (now requires .Net 4.8)
  • Bugfix in Make USB cmd – if  user specifies 32GB FAT32 then it failed to format it. 
  • a1ive grub2 File Manager.mnu and Enable or Disable UEFI Booting.mnu added to \_ISO\MAINMENU folder.
  • The three letters ‘MBR’ will be ignored if present anywhere in any file extension. This can be used to prevent agFM from listed these files. Useful if the files do not support UEFI-booting and only boot via the E2B menu system.
  • New version SWITCH_E2B.exe to fix small bug which affected the appearance only (not function). 
  • New default background
  • Internet ping test changed in MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd script in case ipv4 blocked. 
  • agFM Sample Mnu files folder added with examples files, 
  • WinContig files updated
  • Keyboard scan code files updated
  • KeyCheck.g4b test script added (type KeyCheck from grub4dos console and press down keys to get BIOS key status codes (e.g. NUM LOCK, CAPS LOCK, CTRL, etc.)
  • XP Step 1 now warns user if not enough memory to load XP ISO file into RAM
  • Example commented code added to SDI_CHOCO.cmd for detecting UEFI or MBR boot

2.04 2020-06-02 – Update_E2B_Drive.cmd will now also upate agFM (if present). Danish language support added., add direct wim boot support for Strelec (use .isowin file extension). Add Danish keyboard file. small tweaks to be compatible with agFM v1.51. bugfix for ‘imdisk’ error when booting to Windows ISOs and using agFM v1.50 or later, support .isoventoy file extension (same function as .isodef).
2.05 2020-09-09 – change sort code so E2B menu system can now work on 64MB systems. Bugfix in Make_E2B.exe for Chinese language not working, enhancement  – alphabetically sort files in LstFExt.g4b – so now XP ISO files are sorted alphabetically. Add_Ventoy.cmd added, Windows Install menu will display ‘HDD1=GPT’ if it detects that the first internal hard disk has GPT partitions.
2.06 2020-11-09 – wget.exe version updated, Update Add_Ventoy.cmd, MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd, UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.cmd (if more than one E2B drive is connected, the agFM files could be added to the wrong drive partition 2). Change download URLs. Update UtilMan password .cmd files to also change magnify.exe and use new account name of ADMIN9. Update Add_Ventoy.cmd to warn if core.img not present. Update memtest86 .imgptn23 to v8.4 Add GetKeyCode.mnu sample menu (for finding key codes to use in Guest menu .mnu files). SDI_CHOCO .cmd files updated (fix  BIT64 case-sensitivity). New ‘candle’ default background
2.06A 2020-11-12 – bugfix in MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd (bad URL when fetching LatestVersion.txt file from E2B server) – may have caused a 3 second delay
2.07 2021-01-11 – E2B Launcher.exe v0.5 Windows utility added. .ventoyignore files added to \_ISO\docs and \_ISO\e2b folders to speed up file enumeration under Ventoy menu system.
2.08 2021-02-20 – add \_ISO\MAINMENU\DisableKasperskyShim.mnu, BUGFIX in Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd drive creation script due to XP Home not having tasklist.exe, BUGFIX for Win7 Repair option (did not swap hd0 with hd1), did not wait 3 secs on wimboot prompt on Dell PC – thanks to Jose C for reporting the issue, improve Trad Chinese language file, E2B now ignores .lua files, Test_file_access_speed.lua added to UTILITIES folder for agFM menu system (test file access speeds under agFM).
2.09 2021-06-20 – New default background, Changes to UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.cmd, E2B Launcher.exe, SWITCH_E2B.exe, SUB_MENU_Maker.cmd, E2B SUBMENU Maker.cmd, StartupCheck.cmd, Add_Ventoy.cmd, CheckForUpdate.cmd, Download and update agFM_V2.cmd, MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd, Sample mnu files added: PTN3_IMGPTNREP3_MENU.mnu, PTN3_MNU.mnu, PTN2_AUTO.mnu, PTN3_AUTO.mnu. PTN_LOG1_AUTO.mnu, Parrot_4.11.2_Persistent.mnu, REP3.g4b and RestoreMBR.g4b added, wimboot updated (bugfix for bootmgr), DLC and Strelec now always swaps hd0 with hd1 before boot, bugfix for .isopup extension, Fix Win7 install not swapping hd0-hd1, Add .imgPTNREP3 support, Support for xxx_ file prefix, .isodd no longer supported – use .isodef, SDI_CHOCO.cmd improved for Win8 installs (fix access denied error with some versions of Win8 fixed), PassMark Memtest86 .imgPTN23 updated to latest version 9.1 Free, fix .isopup extension bug, fix E2B Mainmenu ‘Disable UEFI Secure Boot’ menu entry being visible when no EFI files are present, wimboot bootmgr bugfix – new version 2.7.3. WinPE Legacy booting from ISOs fixed/improved (e.g. Atlas-OS.iso now boots), fix SDI_CHOCO.cmd issue for Win 8 installs where setupcomplete.cmd not copied to C:\WINDOWS\SETUP\SCRIPTS folder, file sort order prefix xxx_ can now be used where xxx are any three characters (e.g. a00-z99) followed by the fourth character which must be an underscore, add BIOS RAM map menu entry to Memtest menu.
2.10 2021-10-11 – Bugfix for Strelec iso and DLC iso not booting to Windows (bcd file was missing), Bugfix  in /UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.CMD which did not update agFM and Ventoy, Bugfix  in SWITCH_E2B.exe – fix not recursing directories below /_ISO/xxxx and ‘Only search /_ISO folder’ unticked not working. Also fix not always seeing USB drives if they have a high drive number (e.g. system has 4 drives but USB drive number is numbered 5 or higher). Bugfix for Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd for case where user has used a low network drive letter (e.g. E:) and 2nd ptn is assigned with same drive letter by Windows! Speed up counting of Windows payloads when loading E2B Main Menu.Bitdefender 2017 Sample .mnu files added. WIN11 folder added plus added Win11 XML files and TPM fix ReadMe txt file. PassPass updated for recent Win10 versions. New default ‘Winter’ wallpaper. Change E2BPlate.bmp to show easy2boot.xyz and change format to jpeg. Change E2B website URL in F1 help files and other files (easy2boot.com > easy2boot.xyz)

  • 2.11 2021-12-19
  • Bugfix – all file extension overrides xxxxxx_.isodef.iso not working in 2.10
  • Add ReloadVentoy.mnu menu for when adding E2B to a Ventoy USB drive (and _ISO\docs\Sample mnu files\Ventoy\ventoy_grub.cfg file sample file for \ventoy folder)
  • Update Launcher.exe, latest RMPartUSB.exe
  • Update language strings
  • Update .cmd files to use windows find.exe in all places
  • 2.12 2022-03-12
  • Fix for Strelec 01-22 version hanging at ‘Starting WinPE, please wait…’
  • Detect ShredOS img file, add autodetection for .img extension – for .img extension, if file is same size as a floppy disk image then use .imgfd else use .imghd.

2.13 2022-05-11 Fix issue of AtlasOS Install ISO not working with XML files. Show NOT CONTIGUOUS under menu in Windows Vista-Win11 menu.2.13b – add ability to type in any extension when alternative extension suggested – e.g. type .isomem instead of Y/N/I/A. Fix so does not use WIMBOOT if ISO is non-standard (e.g. AIO ISO). Add Win11 XML file to bypass TPM/RAM/Secure boot checks. Add .txt file in win10/11 folders on how to create a new local account. Support latest versions of Zorin with persistence using .isopersist and a casper-rw persistence -rw file, Make_E2B.exe small change. Downloads now only fetch files from easy2boot.xyz website (not easy2boot.com).

  • 2.14 2022-07-26
  • Update various installer .cmd install files
  • Update NTBOOT file to work with new versions of grub4dos utility programs
  • New grub4dos – new version of grub4dos (grldr) and new utilities (e.g. hotkey, bios, fat, etc.)
  • New default menu wallpaper (moon)
  • If user has used any _. file extension override (e.g. xxxx_.isowin.iso) there will be no suggestions or prompts from QRUN.g4b.
  • Files ending in -rw are not added to the menu even if they have an extension
  • Update E2B_Editor.exe (now reports if a STAMP file could not be displayed)
  • Update XP 32-bit hard disk driver (only in E2B DPMS version) for Toshiba Satellite C55D-C PCI/VEN_1022&DEV_7801 so can install to internal M.2 SATA card.
  • Bugfix – fix grub4dos bug for UDF ISO files (e.g. DCL Boot ISOs)
  • Bugfix – fix bug of QRUN.g4b not finding bootmgr file if running E2B from a Ventoy USB drive.
  • Bugfix – support for boot.wim files in EXPRESS format added (new grub4dos wimboot file from a1ive).
  • Add sample .mnu – KALI+persistence .mnu file not needing ptn3 to be unused.
  • Add sample .mnu – RHEL 9 sample .mnu files.
  • Add sample .mnu – Porteus persistent sample .mnu file
  • Add sample .mnu – “\_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files\Linux\debian-live-10.4.0-amd64-gnome_no_ptn3_Persistent.mnu” as example of how to boot if ptn 3 is in use
  • Add XML – ‘create local USER1 account’ XML files for Win11
  • Add XML – add Win11 XML to allow user to create local accounts + skips checks XML files for Win11 ISOs which do not allow user to create local account
  • Changes to load WinPE ISO as virtual DVD for .isodefisowin and .isoPELD extensions.
  • Support new .iso83 extension type to QRUN.g4b E2B for Linux ISOs that do not recognise partition type of 0 – e.g. Trial RHEL ISOs to avoid having to register online.
  • Support for booting DLC 2022 ISO.
  • Add new .vhdhdd extension support for bootable hdd images.
  • Add new cpuinfo menu entry to UTILITIES menu.
  • Auto-patch Tails ISOs so will boot from USB HDD if use .iso or .isodef (no need for special .mnu file).
  • Updated E2B_Editor.exe now warns if it cannot load a STAMP .bmp file and the displays x/y coordinates of the cursor (as well as the RGB colour value under the cursor).
  • Add ready-made persistence files – \_ISO\docs\Linux Persistence Files\blank_persistent_image.dat_files.zip ready-made persistence files added – you can use a .dat persistence file – you must use the correct one – e.g. xxxpersistence.dat for debian persistence files.
  • Extract_Persistence_File.cmd added to make it easy to find and extract the correct persistence file from the blank_persistent_image.dat_files.zip file.

v2.15 2022-08-02 – fix bug of SWP01 label not found in QRUN.g4b batch file.

v2.16 2022-10-14

  • Support new .wimboot file extension (can use xxxxx_.wimboot.wim to make E2B boot using iPXE wimboot method instead of NTBOOT and bootmgr\BCD).
  • New Ctrl+F7 hotkey to switch display to text mode. Use Ctrl+F8 to reload menu in default mode.
  • New SWITCH_E2B.exe fixes not switching if partition 4 has start/size parameters but is Type 0.
  • _ISO\WINDOWS\SVR2022 folder added for Server 2022 ISOs/IMPTN files.
  • E2B Menu F1 ENGlish help text updated, hotkey grub4dos utility updated
  • Add Alt+F7 hotkey to switch display to 1024×768 mode. Use Ctrl+F8 to reload menu in default mode.
  • Skip ‘Press ENTER to not use WIMBOOT’ – if characters ‘WIMBOOT’ are in Windows Install ISO filename then skip prompt.
  • Add support for Ventoy Linux VHD/VDI .vtoy files. _ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files\Linux Mint VHD_VDI (ventoy).mnu, _ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files\Linux\ventoy_grub.cfg added. Check USB drive is not a GPT drive added. Update \grldr grub4dos version.
  • Can set QMENU=1 in MyE2B.cfg for faster loading of E2B menus (but no ISO volume info in descriptions and no ‘not contiguous’ warnings given). Improve menu loading time if many files in menu folder.
  • Add “_ISO\docs\Make_E2B_USB_Drive\Download and update E2B.cmd” – this script will download the latest currently released version of E2B (or latest Beta if available) and then update the E2B version on the USB drive, then proceed to download and update agFM and Ventoy for Easy2Boot and Ventoy Plugins.

v2.17 2022-10-28 – fix ISOBOOT not booting any ISOs! Add sample mnu file for booting pmagic_2022_09_04 with Live Save feature.
v2.18 2022-11-01 – fix .txt files not working in v2.16 and v2.17.
v2.19 2023-01-02 – New grub4dos /grldr to fix changing wallpaper bmp/jpg whilst animation is running in background. Revise E2B Launcher.exe to add ‘Download and Update E2B’. Update some files – hotkey utility, Add_Ventoy.cmd, CheckForUpdate.cmd, CreatePersistentFile.sh,Download and Update E2B.cmd also tells user which version is installed on USB drive. Add new INDONESIAN menu language (thanks to mikail) Add ‘+DPMS’ or ‘ – No DPMS’ to default MAIN MENU heading so user can tell which version is installed. Add “\_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\GetWindowsProductKey.vbs” – run this to get the current Windows system Product Key.

v2.20 2024-01-29 – add grubenv.g4b, grubenv and grubpath.g4b to allow grub4dos to be called from grub2\Ventoy menu system. https://rmprepusb.blogspot.com/2023/01/run-grub4dos-commands-from-ventoy-or.html. Add check for RTC year < 2023 each time E2B is loaded and warn if date is bad. In QRUN.g4b add C=CRC32 to calculate CRC32 of selected file and secret QRUN dialogue user key ! to get to commandline for debugging at user prompt. BUGFIX for .imgfdhd01 (used for Win98, etc.) and other .img* extensions in QRUN.g4b – change QR bmp to point to easy2boot.xyz URL.

Beta Version History

v2.21 – use 1024 bitmap if no 800×600 graphics mode available. isoloop.g4b updated for Ubuntu ISOs

New! Ventoy for Easy2Boot v1.0.97 now released!


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