Multiple backgrounds and/or Stamps

You can have different wallpapers or even a completely different style of menu for any of the sub-menu folders. 

E2B will automatically use one of the following grub4dos .g4b batch files, or .bmp or .jpg files (if they exist) just before the corresponding menu is displayed.

The file name is the same as the folder name…

  • \_ISO\MAINMENU.g4b or .bmp or .jpg   – this must be present if you want the Main Menu to load a different wallpaper when returning back from a sub-menu
  • \_ISO\SVR2K8R2.g4b or .bmp or .jpg (bugfix – use v1.B0+)
  • \_ISO\SVR2012.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\VISTA.g4b or .bmp or .jpg  (bugfix – use v1.B0+)
  • \_ISO\WIN7.g4b or .bmp or .jpg (bugfix – use v1.B0+)
  • \_ISO\WIN8.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\WIN10.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\SVR2016.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\SVR2019.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\WINAIO.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\WINDOWS.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\AUTO.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\ANTIVIRUS.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\BACKUP.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\DOS.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\LINUX.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\UTILITIES.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\UTILITIES_MEMTEST.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\WIN.g4b or .bmp or .jpg
  • \_ISO\WINPE.g4b or .bmp or .jpg

.g4b example: if \_ISO\DOS.jpg or DOS.bmp exists, it will be used as the wallpaper for the DOS menu – OR (for example) you can create a \_ISO\DOS.g4b file to load  new wallpaper and then stamp a menu heading at the top of a new background wallpaper:

# display new wallpaper
splashimage /_ISO/MyDOS.bmp
# stamp heading on top of wallpaper (--offset=transparent=0x80 or 0=opaque,x,y file)
splashimage --offset=0x80=300=0 /_ISO/HeadingDOS.bmp
# remove currently playing animation (if any)
splashimage --animated=0

The .g4b file must begin with !BAT on the first line. ‘color’ commands and other commands can also be added to the .g4b file (see below).

You can add a new animation by adding code to the .g4b file – see ‘Multiple animation sequences’.

If the .g4b file does not exist, E2B will then look for a background image file with a .jpg or .bmp file extension, so if you just want a different wallpaper for each menu, simply ensure a .jpg or .bmp file is present in the \_ISO folder of the same name as the submenu folder (e.g. \_ISO\ANTIVIRUS.jpg, \_ISO\MAINMENU.jpg, etc.) and it will be used – no .g4b file is required.

If you create a new SubMenu folder (e.g. \_ISO\NEW) using SUB_MENU_Maker.cmd then one of the files \_ISO\NEW.g4b, \_ISO\NEW.bmp or \_ISO\NEW.jpg (in that order) will be automatically used, e.g. if NEW.g4b exists then NEW.bmp and NEW.jpg will be ignored.

Note: The maximum length for a grub4dos variable name is only 8 characters, variable names longer than 9 characters will be ignored (e.g. set FREDFREDAB=1 will do nothing, set FREDFREDA=1 will make a new variable FREDFRED (not FREDFREDA) with a value of 1).