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Windows 10 is recommended when first making an E2B USB drive.

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The Downloads page contains:

  1. EXE Easy2Boot for Windows 10 users to make your E2B USB drive – (Recommended)
  2. EXE Easy2Boot for Windows 10 users + DPMS drivers for installing XP ISOs onto systems (includes 32-bit Windows XP drivers)
  3. ZIP Easy2Boot for Linux and XP users (no XP 32-bit drivers) – zip file password is e2b
  4. ZIP Easy2Boot+DPMS for Linux and XP users (includes XP 32-bit drivers) – zip file password is e2b
    also includes:
  5. ZIP Easy2Boot MPI_Tool_Pack – Windows utility for making Partition Image .imgPTN files (useful for UEFI+MBR Secure boot support or making images of existing bootable USB drives)
  • You will need to download either 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 (depending on what OS your system is running).
  • Use Make_E2B.exe to create an E2B USB drive.
  • The DPMS version of Easy2Boot is only needed if you intend to use Windows XP Installer ISOs.
  • The MPI_Tool_Pack is only needed if you want to make Partition Image .imgPTN files (works under Windows only).

I also recommend installing RMPrepUSB – a Windows utility to make, repair, test, make bootable and edit drives (especially USB drives).

PLEASE NOTE: Some anti-virus\anti-malware can prevent Make_E2B.exe from copying some files or installing boot code onto the USB drive. You may see a ‘Write error’ message. In this case you will need to temporarily disable your AV software until the E2B USB drive is made. Software such as Avast and Acronis Protection are known to do this. Check Task Manager for active AV software.

Tip: Once you have made your E2B USB drive, use the \E2B Launcher.exe program on the USB drive…

E2B Launcher contains links and information to help you use E2B.

Alternate Download Sites

You can download E2B, the latest Betas with bugfixes, enhancements and extra E2B themes, .mnu files, animations,  wallpapers, extra grub4dos scripts, archived files and lots of other stuff from one of the two Alternate Download Sites.

Alternative sources

Note: Do not download a ‘hacked’ version of E2B from anywhere else, they may contain viruses! – E2B is free so only use the official sources!

I recommend the Sandisk Extreme Pro USB 3 flash drive for use with Easy2Boot