Additional MPI Utilities

Inside the MakePartImage (MPI) download, you will find some additional files which you may find useful: 

1. .\csm\e2b\RestoreE2B (run as admin).cmd – this file can be used if you have accidentally created and used a .imgPTN file on your E2B USB drive and it is ‘stuck’ (the CSM-Menu does not appear or it does not boot and so you cannot restore the original E2B MBR partitions). Run it from an Admin command prompt (runs a Windows 32-bit program).  This file is also copied to the image itself and should be present in the \e2b folder on the E2B drive when in CSM mode. It must be run within a full Windows environment (not miniWindows or WinPE) with admin rights. If desired, you can run RestoreE2B (32-bit executable) once you have booted to a WinPE\Windows environment from the E2B image file. This saves you having to reboot to the CSM menu to switch back to E2B mode.  

2. The file \e2b\RestoreE2B_32_64.cmd allows you to restore the original E2B partitions in both a 32-bit and 64-bit WinPE environment. 

The opposite to RestoreE2B is RestoreCSM which will restore the original .imgPTN partition that was saved when you ran RestoreE2B from your booted Windows environment. To use RestoreCSM, you will need to copy the whole e2b folder to your OS system drive first, because as soon as you run RestoreE2B, the USB partition which has the e2b folder on it will disappear! Once you run RestoreCSM you will need to unplug and re-connect the USB drive for the change to be seen by the booted Windows/WinPE environment. Only use RestoreCSM on the same drive that you ran RestoreE2B on.

3. \e2b\SWITCH_E2B.exe is a Windows 32-bit application that allows you to select any .imgPTN file from Windows or restore the E2B partition so it can be used instead of RestoreE2B (run as admin).cmd as long as your OS can run a 32-bit Windows .exe file. 

4. .\Utils\Convert_all_ISOs_to_imgPTN_Files (run as Admin).cmd – This runs MakePartImage on all the ISO files in a folder (and below). To use it, make a new folder, copy all the ISOs to it that you want to convert to .imgPTN files, and then run the file as Administrator, or from the Admin command prompt in the MakePartImage folder,

type: .\Utils\Convert_all_ISOs_to_imgPTN_Files (run as Admin).cmd    f:\myfolder\

If you want to skip the conversion of any ISO files, type A for Abort at the FAT32/NTFS prompt. (only valid if you typed N to the AUTO-RUN option).

Tip: type .\utils\Con and then use the TAB key for autocompletion. You can also follow it with FAT32 or NTFS and * to reduce key presses.        

.\Utils\Convert_all_ISOs_to_imgPTN_Files (run as Admin).cmd   folder-path FAT32       (runs with suggested filename)       

.\Utils\Convert_all_ISOs_to_imgPTN_Files (run as Admin).cmd   folder-path FAT32  *   (runs with suggested filename and suggested size) 

It is best to place the ISOs on your fastest hard disk (e.g. an SSD), then conversion will take just a few seconds for each one! Don’t use a USB drive as the target drive as it will take a lot longer! You can specify wild cards for the files you want to convert (e.g. A*.ISO) and they don’t need to be .ISO files (e.g. *.zip or *.ima) (MPI v0.083+). 

The target folder which stores the .imgPTN file must be an ordinary disk volume and not a Microsoft Storage Pool or virtual drive. 

5. \Utilis\List_Missing_imgPTN_Files.cmd – this will list all .iso files that do not have a corresponding .imgPTN file. This is useful if the Convert_all_ISOs_to_imgPTN_Files.cmd failed on a few of the ISOs. It is automatically run at the end of Convert_all_ISOs_to_imgPTN_Files anyway.

6. Split WinISO.exe – this utility can convert a large Windows ISO containing a >4GB .esd or .wim file so that all files are below 4GB in size. This allows the contents of the ISO to be stored on a FAT32 partition. The utility can make a new ISO file or run MakePartImage to create a new .imgPTN file.

7. E2B Editor.exe – can be used to create a MyCSM.cfg file on the USB drive (after the .imgPTN file has been switched in).

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