Make an E2B USB drive

  1. Select the language and keyboard type for the Easy2Boot menu system
  2. Select the USB drive (drive must have a Windows drive letter assigned)
  3. Use the Red Arrow button to make a default E2B drive (recommended) – OR – use the Gear Wheel button if you want more options (such as partition sizes, three partitions, etc.) or if the USB drive does not have a drive letter.

The red buttons will run the Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd Windows script which will erase your USB drive and add the E2B files.

You will be asked if you want to add the agFM boot files (for Legacy+UEFI booting) – answer Y

If agFM has been installed, you will be asked if you also want to add ‘Ventoy for Easy2Boot’ – answer Y.


Use \_ISO\docs\Make_E2b_USB\Drive\DebugAll_MakeE2B_Admin.cmd and look at log file (e2b.log).

If no USB drive is detected, use the Gear Wheel (3) button.

If your USB drive is Disk 0 then it will not be erased by Make_E2B because Disk 0 should be your Windows OS disk. To fix: insert another USB drive first (for disk 0) and then insert the target E2B USB drive (disk 1). Then you will be able to erase, partition and format the second USB drive.

Once completed, you can test it using the green ‘Test with QEMU’ button.

For information, references, utilities, etc. use the \E2B Launcher.exe Windows utility which is on the E2B USB drive.

E2B Launcher will help you use your new E2B USB drive


I recommend the Sandisk Extreme Pro USB 3