XMLtoE2B Download

XMLtoE2B is a Windows GUI utility that will convert an XML created by the Windows Answer File Generator to an unattended XML answer file suitable for use with E2B or other Setup\Install processes (even if installing from a multiple image WIM file or to a UEFI\GPT system). You will require a licence file for full functionality.


You can download XMLtoE2B from the Alternate download areas.

Licence is required

A licence file is required to be able to save the converted XML to a new file. Free licences are available if you have purchased three or more eBooks, or have donated £10 or more, or have helped in the development of E2B or agFM (e.g. bug reports, etc.). Please contact me if you think you qualify.

Version History

v1.0.39 Last release of version 1
v2.0.44 First release of version 2
v2.0.45 Small bugfix (sometime indicated ‘x86 only’ when actually XML file had both x86 and amd64 sections). Also Single MBR Disk field is now updated when WAFG XML file is loaded.
v2.0.47 2019 stable release
v2.0.48 2019-10-11 – bugfix – fixes two RunSynchronousCommand lines added when SDI_CHOCO config option only is ticked.