E2B can boot from HAIKU ‘anyboot’ images if you give them a file extension of .HAIKU

When you download a HAIKU ‘anyboot’ .zip file, unzip it and place the .ISO file in any standard E2B folder (e.g. \_ISO\LINUX). Change the file extension to .HAIKU, e.g. haiku-release-anyboot.HAIKU 

Note that E2B will make a new partition #4 table entry for HAIKU. When you reboot E2B, it will complain that a Partition #4 exists and will prompt you to delete it. You must delete partition 4 to boot to the E2B menu. 

 To can prevent these messages, which you will see after every time you run a .HAIKU file, add a partnew command to the \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file: 

(usual MyE2B.cfg lines go here)
# --------------------------------------- ADVANCED MENU SETTINGS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# DO NOT DELETE THE LINE ABOVE! - Settings below this next line will be preserved when using the E2B_Editor.exe
if exist (hd0,0)/_ISO/MyE2B.cfg partnew (hd0,3) 0 0 0