Sample .mnu Files

.mnu files are text files which contain grub4dos menu entries. They can be saved in UTF-8 format to preserve non-ASCII characters.

You will normally need to edit these sample files and move them to a different folder on your E2B USB drive.

Sample E2B (grub4dos) menu files can be found in the \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files folder.

Note: sample agFM .cfg and .grubfm menu files can be found in the Partition 2 agFM partition under the \e2b\Sample agFM menu files folder.

Filenames with spaces

When a path or filename contains a space, you must precede each space character with \ (backslash) – example for “Ubuntu Boot CD 2014.iso”:

Ubuntu\ Boot\ CD\ 2014.iso

I tend to avoid spaces in payload filenames when using .mnu file for this reason!

Instructions on how to use these .mnu files can be found by opening them in Notepad and reading the instructions inside.

See ‘About .mnu files‘ for more information. 

Below is a list of some of the .mnu files that can be found in the \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu Files folder. More may be added at a later date, so always check this folder for new examples!

For most of them, you simply copy it to a subfolder (e.g. \_ISO\MAINMENU\MNU) together with the ISO file.

Then edit the .mnu file in a text editor so that the filename matches that of the ISO file.  

The file name of the .mnu file is not important – it can be any name and does not need to match the ISO or payload name (unless you have used $NAME$ in the .mnu file).

You can change the .mnu filename to change the order that they are listed in, in a menu. 

Most of these are for use with specific ISOs, however if you edit the ISO filenames inside the .mnu file, then you should be able to use them with different versions of the same type of ISO. The Sample mnu Files folder also contains a few example .txt files as well as .mnu files. This is NOT a full list! 

  1. $$$CPU_TYPE.mnu – display menu depending on if CPU is 32-bit or 64-bit
  2. $$$FASTLOAD_REFRESH.mnu – Adds the Fastload refresh menu item to the beginning of the Main menu
  3. $$AddWin2Main.mnu – example menu showing you how you can add individual Windows Install ISOs to the Main menu
  4. $$FixDate.mnu – Add this menu option to allow you to change the system date (useful if some payloads have an expiry date)
  5. $Boot_to_Disk_2.mnu – boot to hard disk 2 in your system
  6.  $Panda_RestoreAutorun.inf_FAT_NTFS.mnu – unprotect AUTORUN.INF files on the E2B drive (AntiPanda)
  7. 64Bit_Auto_Detect_ISO.mnu – Example of how to run a 64-bit or 32-bit ISO depending on system CPU type E2B is booted from
  8. A_BlankMenuEntry.mnu – Adds a blank line to the menu – copy and rename it to add a blank line anywhere in any menu
  9. A_BlankMenuEntrySeparator.mnu – Adds 3 blank lines into a menu with a graphics character on the 2nd line
  10. Android_x86_Persistent – for android x86 ISOs with persistence
  11. Antix_13.2_Persistent – Antix with persistence
  12. AOSS.mnu – Alternative System Scanner and Tools menu file
  13. BIOS Detect and Run.mnu – Example of how to detect what system you are booting on by searching for BIOS strings and then boot to a specific ISO
  14. bitdefender-rescue-cd_persistence.mnu – boot from a bitdefender ISO with persistence
  15. BlueTheme.mnu – selects the ‘Blue’ theme template that is in the mythemes folder
  16. Boot from WIM file.mnu – experimental menu to boot via grub4dos to any image inside a .wim file
  17. Boot Windows direct from USB.mnu – if you have Windows To Go installed onto your E2B drive, you can boot to it using this .mnu file
  18. BT5R2-GNOME-32_persistence.mnu – boot from a BackTrack 5 ISO with persistence
  19. Change_Font.mnu – allows user to try different fonts (for English only)
  20. Change_Language.mnu – user can change the E2B language
  21. Change_Theme.mnu – all .cfg file in the mythemes folder are listed and the user can chose one
  22. Change_Wallpaper.mnu – all .gz compressed bitmap files are listed in the /_ISO folder and the user can pick one
  23. chkpci.mnu – adds various menu entries to display PCI IDs and check for DPMS drivers
  24. ClearUSBPartition3.mnu – wipes parttiion 3 of your USB drive (WARNING: No checking is performed – only use if partition 3 is unused)
  25. CloneZillaBackupRestoreHDD0.mnu – You can semi-automate backing up and restoring the 1st internal hard disk using a clonezilla ISO (for use use with a large E2B USB HDD)
  26. crunchbang-11-20130506-i686.txt – Example .txt file for crunchbang ISOs with help text to aid installing it to a hard disk
  27. Desinfect_2014_Persistent – Desinfect with persistent file system for storage of files, desktop items, etc (virus updates are NOT persistent)
  28. Desinfect_2014_with_Updates.mnu – Desinfect with persistent updates
  29. dft32_v416_b00_install.mnu – for Hitachi Drive Fitness Test
  30. DLCD_ISO_Extracted.mnu – For DLC version of Hirens
  31. Dos622.img.mnu – .mnu file for DOS622.img
  32. E2B_PTN_SWAP.mnu – for use with an E2B USB Flash drive where E2B is on the 2nd partition
  33. ERD5_DPMS.mnu – Use for XP-based recovery ISOs such as MSDart 5/2005 to run on SATA/RAID systems
  34. ERD5_FIRA.mnu –  for ERDCommander2005.iso/MSDart 5.0 type XP ISOs, swaps hd0&1 and loads Firadisk driver (similar to just using .isomemf01 file extension)
  35. ERD2005.mnu – for ERDCommander2005.iso and MSDart 5.0  (or use .isomemF01 file extension)
  36. ESet System Rescue (WinPE Flat File).mnu – extract Eset System Rescue ISO and run it directly from your E2B drive
  37. Falcon4.6 (folder)  – How to extract and run Falcon4’s version of Hirens Boot CD
  38. FD0-konboot-v1.1-2in1.mnu – how to add konboot – change the filename and it will work with Konboot 2.1 (XP Pro and Win 7 64-bit tested and works!)
  39. FD0-konboot-v2.4.mnu – for KonBoot v2.4 floppy image
  40. Fedora_Persistent.mnu – Run Fedora from an ISO with persistence
  41. FreeDos_fdbasecd.iso.mnu – Run fdbasecd.iso
  42. geexbox-3.0-i386.mnu – Run GeexBox with persistence
  43. Grub2_Boot.mnu – Boot to grub2 using /boot/grub/core.img
  44. GRUB_USB_046.mnu – Menu entries to switch to using grub4dos 0.4.6a and installing the USB driver (already in Main menu of standard E2B)
  45. hdt-0.5.0.img.mnu – Hardware Diagnostic Tool HDT hdt-0.5.0.img.gz
  46. HidePtn.mnu – can be used to hide any partition
  47. HirensBootCD_Extracted.mnu – Run HBCD from extracted files in \HBCD folder – gives full HBCD functionailty
  48. HirensISO.mnu – if you have hirens as an ISO, this allows you to run Konboot from it or miniXP (not required if you use extracted ISO)
  49. JustBrowsing_with_config.mnu – boot to JB with a persistent config file.
  50. kali-linux-1.0.2-i386_Persistent.mnu – Kali with persistence
  51. kali-linux-1.0.5-amd64_Persistent.mnu –  Kali with persistence
  52. kali-linux-1.0.5-amd64.txt – .txt file for Kali (no persistence) with instructions on how to install to an internal HDD
  53. kali-linux-1.0.5-i386_Persistent.mnu –  Kali with persistence
  54. kali-linux-1.0.7_Persistent.mnu – Kali v1.0.7 with persistence and/or LUKS encrypted persistence (32 + 64-bit)
  55. Kaspersky_Rescue_10_Persistent.mnu – with instructions on how to keep updates on the E2B drive
  56. linuxmint-16-cinnamon-dvd-32bit_Persistent.mnu – linux with persistence
  57. linuxmint-17-mate-32bit-v2_Persistent.mnu – matey persistence!
  58. lubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386_Persistent.mnu – lubuntu ISO with persistence
  59. lxle-1404-64_Persistent.mnu – run lxle with persistence
  60. mandriva-linux-PWP-2011-i586.mnu – Use this if you want to install mandriva (and not just run as a LiveCD)
  61. OphCrack.mnu – .mnu for Ophcrack (with instructions)
  62. OpenElec_LIVE_xxx.mnu – for OpeneElec 2103 & 2014 FAT32 or NTFS
  63. PassPassChenall.mnu – for use with Chenall’s version of PassPass (PassPass.bat)
  64. Password_Protect_64_32.mnu – examples of how to password protect a payload file
  65. pclinuxos-kde-fullmonty-2012.09.mnu – pclinuxos-kde-fullmonty-2012.09.iso with persistence
  66. Porteus-generic-persistent.mnu – generic menu for most Porteus ISOs with persistence
  67. Porteus-v1.1-i486_Persistent.mnu – porteus with persistence
  68. Porteus-v2.0-i486_Persistent.mnu – porteus with persistence
  69. POS2009_ReadMe.txt – Instructions on how to add Microsoft POS2009 Installer to E2B
  70. ProxMox.mnu – adds user instructions required to boot from ProxMox ISO
  71. PTN_LOG1_AUTO.mnu – user can run payload files from a folder on a logical partition of the E2B USB drive
  72. PTN2_AUTO.mnu – similar to PTN2_MNU but for an AUTO folder which does not support .mnu files and can have multiple sub-folders.
  73. PTN2_MNU.mnu – If you have a \_ISO folder containing payload files on the 2nd partition of your E2B drive, this menu will allow you to run any of them (not for Windows Install ISOs) – Please note: There was a bug in this file in versions before E2B v1.70!!!
  74. Puppy_Precise_USB_Flash_Persistence.mnu – Puppy with persistence if E2B is on a Flash drive
  75. Puppy_Precise_USB_HDD_Persistence.mnu – Puppy with persistence if E2B is on a USB HDD
  76. Puppy_Slacko64_no_partnew.mnu – Slacko using extracted files (not an ISO)
  77. ReactOS-LiveCD.mnu – ReactOS must be extracted to the E2B drive – instructions inside this file.
  78. ReadMe.txt – guess what!
  79. RedHat.mnu – Boot from a RedHat Install ISO and install RedHat to an internal hard disk (needs FAT32 partition on E2B drive)
  80. RedHat_NTFS.mnu – Boot from a RedHat Install ISO and install RedHat to an internal hard disk (NTFS/ext2/FAT32 partition)
  81. SimplyMEPIS-1.5G_11.9.86_32.mnu – for SimplyMEPIS-1.5G_11.9.86_32.iso 
  82. Slax7.0.8_32_persistent.mnu – slax708_32/ with persistence (read instructions)
  83. StartOS-5.1-LiveCD-i686_Persistent.mnu  – StartOS-5.1-LiveCD-i686.iso with persistence
  84. StartOS_Persistent.mnu – startos-5.0-20120808.iso with persistence
  85. Tails_for_USB_HDD_persistent.mnu – to run Tails from a USB HDD with persistence
  86. TimeFileAccess.mnu – runs E2B’s TimeAccess.g4b script to measure file access (not read/write) speed
  87. True_Hide_Unhide.mnu – shows how to truly hide partitions from an OS
  88. UBCD4WINBuilder.mnu – use .isomemfira or this .mnu for UBCDWin ISOs
  89. ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64_Persistent.mnu – ubuntu ISO with persistence
  90. ubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386_Persistent.mnu – ubuntu ISO with persistence
  91. Ubuntu12.10_Persistent.mnu – ubuntu ISO with persistence
  92. Win7_8_Install_Auto64_32.mnu – picks 32-bit or 64-bit Win install ISO depending on CPU type
  93. Win_Vista_7_2K8R2_Direct.mnu – add a menu entry for a specific Windows install ISO – no user questions
  94. Win_Win8_Install_Auto64_32.mnu – auto-detects if system is 32 or 64-bit and picks 32/64-bit ISO accordingly
  95. Win7PESE.ini – example ini file for booting WinPEs made with WinBuilder – see this below for more info about WinBuilder PE ISOs.
  96. WinBuilderPE_ISO.mnu – if only one WinBuilder PE ISO, use this menu
  97. Windows_8.1_EN-US_x86_PWD.txt – text file to password protect a \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN8\xxx.iso installation file
  98. xbmcbuntu_12.2_Persist.mnu – run xbmcbuntu with persistence from your E2B drive
  99. Xiaopan_PersistentNTFS.mnu – Xiaopan ISO with persistence
  100. XP_Inst_from_MainMenu.mnu – Add an Install XP optiion to the Main menu
  101. XP_Recovery_Console_VHD.mnu – boot the recovery console from a VHD file containing \cmldr and cmdcons 
  102. YLMF_OS_3.0_Persistent.mnu – run YLMF with persistence (now outdated by StartOS)
  103. Zorin-os-8.1-core-32-persistent.mnu – Zorin with persistence
  104. Zorin-os-8.1-core-64-persistent.mnu– Zorin with persistence 

New! Ventoy for Easy2Boot v1.0.97 now released!


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