WinLite10 XML files

Win10Lite allows you to remove non-essential Windows components during installation of Windows. 

The WinLite10 XML files in \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN10\SAMPLE XML FILES are examples of how to run the Win10Lite .cmd script at the start of the Specialize phase. 

Note: 32-bit ISOs will require a “x86” entry, 64-bit ISOs will require an “amd64” entry.

Ensure the XML file has the correct sections for your ISO. 

See here to download the WinLite10 script. 

  • 1. Extract and copy the files to a \WinLite10 folder on your E2B drive (ensure \WinLite10\rmApps.cmd is present)
  • 2. Copy the WinLite XML files to \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN10 folder
  • 3. Copy a Windows 10 Install ISO to \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN10 folder
  • 4. Now boot to E2B and choose the ISO and XML file. 


To automate the rmApps.cmd, modify it as required and end the batch commands with exit instead of goto :eof 

To make a .imgPTN file, use Chadra’s Split_WinISO utility and use the MPI button and choose the winpeshl.ini\mysetup.cmd option when prompted.

Then edit the \auto.cmd file and add your XML files. See blog post for more details.