Partition Image files

  • .imgPTN or .imgPTN23 files can be used as partition images (and in some cases, files with no file extension).
  • Partition image files which have the exact same filename but no file extension will replace partition 3 (e.g. Ubuntux64.imgptn + Ubuntux64 will replace Ptn1 and Ptn3).
  • A Partition Image is a sector-for-sector image of a partition (volume).
  • It is possible to instantly replace Partition 1 and\or Partition 3 on the E2B USB drive with the contents of a partition image file.
  • When a .imgPTN file is ‘switched-in’, one or more of the existing partitions on the E2B USB drive are replaced/removed.
  • After an image is ‘switched-in’, you must Restore the original E2B Partitions before another can be selected.
  • You can also use \_ISO\SWITCH_E2B.exe to switch-in or Restore the original drive partitions.

Example 1 – .imgPTN file

Normal Easy2Boot USB drive showing position of a .imgPTN file within the first primary partition.
After ‘switching-in’ the .imgPTN file, the USB drive contains a different partition – partition 2 is removed if it is not the small type 21 hidden partition. Partition 3 (if present) is removed.

Example 2 – .imgPTN23 file

Typical E2B v2 two partition E2B 16GB USB drive
E2B USB drive after ‘switching-in’ the PassMark Memtest86 (MBR+UEFI).imgPTN23 file (Partition 2 and 3 if present are not deleted)

Example 3 – .imgPTNREP3 file

.imgPTNREP3 files must be on Partition 3 of the E2B USB drive.

E2B drive with 3 partitions (normal state)
E2B drive with .imgPTNREP3 hfs image file switched in

Files on a bootable USB drive partition, ISO files, .zip files, image files or the contents of a folder can be converted to a .imgPTN, .imgPTNREP3 or .imgPTN23 file using the Easy2Boot ‘MPI ToolKit‘. You can also make an image of any partition using RMPrepUSB.exe – Drive->File.

How to ‘switch-in’ a Partition Image file

You can switch-in a partition image or restore the E2B USB drive partitions using any of these methods:

  1. E2B Menu system.
  2. agFM menu system (Legacy or UEFI).
  3. SWITCH_E2B.exe 32-bit Windows application…
Partition Image listed in the E2B Menu system (afterwards you must Legacy boot to restore the original E2B partition 1).

Note: To pick .imgptnREP3 files from partition 3 in the E2B Menu system you will need to copy the “\_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files\E2B Menus\PTN3_IMGPTNREP3_MENU.mnu” to the \_ISO\MAINMENU folder. Edit the .mnu file as required. This also adds a ‘Restore E2B Partitions’ menu.

Partition image file listed in agFM Menu system.

UEFI-boot to agFM in Partition 2 to run the new partition or restore the E2B partitions.

SWITCH_E2B with a variety of Partition Images listed which are on the E2B USB drive (Windows 10 required for E2B flash drives to access Partition 3).