Windows ISO error: ‘A media driver your computer needs is missing’

If you see a message asking for a ‘DVD’ or ‘CD’ then this means that Windows Setup cannot find the installation files.

Setup is looking for the very large install.wim or install.esd windows installation source file (usually in the \Sources folder) on all drives in the system. If it cannot find this file then you will see this message.

There are usually two reasons for this:

  1. Windows Pre-Installation Environment (WinPE) does not contain the necessary USB driver (e.g. USB 3 driver) and so cannot ‘see’ the E2B USB drive.
  2. If booting from an ISO file (using isowin) via E2B or agFM, the Windows Pre-installation start-up will usually load a special blue cmd shell box which will find and load the ISO file as a virtual DVD drive – e.g. Y:.
    Windows Setup will then find the install.wim/install.esd file on the new Y: drive. If you don’t see the cmd window run (see below), then you may not have chosen the correct menu or file extension for the ISO, or your ISO is not compatible with that boot method.
A cmd window will usually run to load the ISO as a virtual DVD drive
Sometimes a small cmd window can be seen on start-up


  1. If booting using the Easy2Boot legacy menu, ensure you have the ISO in the correct \_ISO\WINDOWS\xxx folder. If booting using agFM, ensure you select the .isowin boot option which is for booting Windows ISOs.
  2. Try a different menu system, e.g. try agFM or ‘Ventoy for Easy2Boot’.
  3. Try a USB 2 port instead of a USB 3 port (or connect the USB 3 drive to the computer using a USB 2 cable)
  4. Convert the ISO to a .imgPTN23 file using the MPI Tool Kit
  5. If the WinPE environment cannot ‘see’ the USB drive, then even a .imgPTN23 file will not work. You will need to modify your ISO by adding USB drivers into the boot.wim file.

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