Add Sergei Strelec WinPE ISOs

You can simply download the latest version of a Sergei Strelec .ISO file and copy it to a suitable menu folder on the E2B USB drive.

e.g. \_ISO\WINPE\WinPE10_8_Sergei_Strelec_x86_x64_2021.01.05_English.iso [4002MB]

The .iso file can be Legacy-booted from the Easy2Boot menu. The ‘auto-suggest’ menu will offer you the choice to boot to the ISO menu or directly to Mini Windows 10:

E2B Auto-suggest feature (6 second timeout) – answer Y if you want to only boot to Mini Win10.

If you answer Y, the .isowin boot option will be used (same as if the extension was .isowin):

Choice after using the .isowin E2B boot option

If you choose the .isowin suggested option, it will only boot to WinPE Win10.

If you Legacy boot to it as the .iso file (do not choose .isowin), then you will see the full Strelec Legacy boot menu:

Legacy Strelec menu

You can run all the Windows (WinPE) entries from the full Strelec legacy menu including the Mini Win8 WinPEs.

Strelec Legacy 64-bit Win10 desktop

If using agFM menu system, always use the .isowin boot option to boot to Mini Win10 WinPE.

Tip: If you do not use the Strelec Legacy utilities or legacy Mini Win8, rename the file extension to .isowin to always boot to Mini Win10.

Note: Some 2020 versions of the Strelec ISOs did not load all the Desktop icons when booted to the 64-bit Windows. This was due to a bug in the WinPE builds. The English 2021_01 build seems to be OK.

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