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upgrading from E2B without UEFI to boot both!!

Hi every one

I thought this was an easy information to find but the last 2 days I was searching for it with no luck

Here is my case, I have a 1 TB exHDD with (for now) have two partition  first is E2B partition with 137 GB  the second of 600 GB with I have personnel files. the empty space required by E2B for making in some cases the iso to boot with my experience I let it on purpose s it is some times mounted when using .imgPTN files.  

Now I see that I can make E2B boot directly to Uefi but I can not find instruction to how upgrade from my old legacy boot E2B to dual legacy+uefi

I have downloaded agFM as I m using Ventoy on an other thumb drive already..

So can any one Guide me to this without the need to format and reinstall every thing and go through the pain of recopying files and iso's !!

thank you dor your time


See the agFM page on website.

You need to create a 1gb primary fat32 partition 2 just after the first partition and before the last partition.

Then extract the agFM files to the new fat32 ptn 2.


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