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How can one make a Zorin Persistant ISO to Use with Easy2Boot

I have created a 500gb Portable SSD as Easy2Boot.

I have a lot of stuff on it like windows 10 Iso'S AND lINUX iso'S and WintoUsb with a Live Working Windows 10.

Works just Fine.

But I would like a Working Linux Distro with Persistance, Specifically Zorin oS 16.1, which I have a Registered Version.

I have tried as others suggested Renaming the linux iso extension to isopersist, this works but the persistance part is not saving.

For example when I make any changes in the desktop of zorin and reboot it forgets all that and runs as default.

Could someone help me with that Please.

It seems Zorin devs have modified the isolinux menu files (for no good reason that I can see), and we now have to modify the

\isolinux\menuentries.cfg file.

You can use  xxx.isopersist with a   xxx-rw file, but you must update to E2B v2.13c_beta  as I have had to modify QRUN.g4b to look for the new .cfg file.!AqlrQcdsFA-K8DsINnBNR6QeDtTh?e=h34OYP

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