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Partition images (.imgPTN/.imgPTN23)

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How to use .imgPTN23 files to Secure BootBy steve63750 Replies · 3,836 ViewsLast post: 2022-08-17, 7:42 AM · steve6375
READ SECTOR 0 FROMBy Deleted user7 Replies · 1,427 ViewsLast post: 2022-05-19, 7:52 PM · steve6375
Bugfix for Switch_E2B.exe not detecting E2B driveBy steve63750 Replies · 1,893 ViewsLast post: 2021-10-06, 9:58 AM · steve6375
read sector 0 from driveBy Deleted user17 Replies · 1,647 ViewsLast post: 2021-08-19, 8:42 PM · Deleted user

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