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E2B will not boot on NUC11TNHi7

I have an E2B USB drive that will not boot on a new Intel NUC11TNHi7.

The drive is a SanDisk Cruzer Fit 8GB. I have used the same process (which I documented) to build this USB drive many, many times over the last 5 years. It successfully boots on 6 other devices in both legacy and UEFI.

Attempting to boot this USB drive on the NUC11TNHi7 results in:
- black screen with solid cursor at top left
- activity LED on the USB drive blinks once every 2 seconds (on 1.5 seconds, off 0.5 seconds, approx)

I have successfully booted a different USB drive on the NUC11TNHi7. This USB drive is also a SanDisk Cruzer Fit 8GB (I have 10 of them). It is a Win10 installation USB, built using the Microsoft Win10 Media Creation Tool v2004.

I have tried all sorts of different BIOS settings on the NUC11TNHi7 but nothing has worked.  I also rebuilt the E2B drive using the latest version (v2.18) - again it successfully boots on other devices, but will not boot on the NUC11TNHi7.

What am I missing?

I suspect you mean that you cannot UEFI64-boot on the NUC11TNHi7 ???

The firmware probably does not like the UEFI Kaspersky shim boot file.

Legacy boot (on any system) and use the E2B menu entry to remove the Kaspersky shim.

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Thank you for your response.  I will attempt your suggestion now and report back.

The Kaspersky shim was indeed the issue.  Problem solved.  Thank you.

All my previous E2B builds were done using v2.04 so I wasn't familiar with the Kaspersky disable option (added in v2.08).  I am now using v2.18 (latest at time of writing).

Thank you again for your quick and helpful response.  🙂

Separately - as just an FYI - I have discovered that all Intel NUC 11th gen products have no support for Legacy Boot.

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I decided to make a donation. Thank you for creating/maintaining such a brilliant product.

I'm an old Unix sys admin. I used to manually build my own bootable USB drives (from all the separate software components) which, as I'm sure you know, took an enormous amount of time.

Discovering E2B could do all this for me at the click of a button was fantastic.  🙂

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Many thanks!


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