‘Cannot find GRLDR’ BIOS text message on legacy boot

If you are using an E2B USB drive larger than 128GiB and have updated it, the \grldr file may now be outside the 128GiB limit.

Some buggy BIOSes have a USB drive bug and cannot access sectors past 128GiB on a USB drive, that is why I strongly recommend the first partition (and second) are within 128GiB of the start of the disk.

The solution is to remake your USB drive using a smaller partition 1 (below 128GiB) and then copy all your payload files back on (or don’t use systems with buggy BIOSes).

If Partition 1 is less than 128GiB then you may have a corrupt NTFS filesystem or the \grldr file may be missing. First fix the filesystem (e.g. using chkdsk U: /f where U: is E2B partition 1) and then copy all the files from the E2B download back onto the E2B USB drive (overwriting any existing files – your payload files and MyE2B.cfg file will not be changed).

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