Boot Ubuntu-based ISOs with persistence

Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Lubuntu, KUbuntu, Elementary OS, Linux Mint are base on Ubuntu and will contain a /casper folder inside the ISO. They must recognise the ‘persistent’ boot parameter and automatically look for a disk volume with a volume name of ‘casper-rw’.

Using the E2B and agFM menu systems, you can rename the .iso file to .isopersist in order to use a persistence file with many Ubuntu-based ISOs.

  1. Download the ISO and copy it to a suitable menu folder on your E2B USB drive – e.g. \_ISO\LINUX
  2. (optional) – Rename the ISO if required.
  3. Change it’s file extension from .iso to .isopersist
  4. Under Windows, run the \_ISO\_Make_Ext.bat file (or \_ISO\docs\Make_Ext\Make_Ext.exe) – the filename must match the ISO filename but end in -rw. The Volume Name must be casper-rw for Ubuntu-based distros. Choose ext3 and a suitable file size. Click on the Make Ext File button.

5. (optional) – Move the -rw persistence file to the same folder as the .isopersist file if you don’t want it in the root of the E2B USB drive.

6. Run the MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd script. Both files need to be contiguous.

You should now be able to boot with persistence using the E2B or agFM menu system. Try creating a new folder on the Desktop and reboot to test it.

Remember to ALWAYS use ‘Shutdown’ when you exit.

Note: E2B requires that both partition 3 and 4 of the USB drive are unused. Use the agFM menu system if you have used Partition 3.

Tip: If the .isopersist file fails to boot at a later date, then the persistence file has probably become corrupted. Use a backup of an earlier version (if you saved one) or delete it and make another one (but all your changes will be lost).

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